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A woman looking at a colorful brochure, in front of a Xerox Versant Press
Production Printing

Join the Winner’s Circle with the Versant® Family

Industry Publications and Print Providers Agree - Versant Delivers a Competitive Advantage

“This press has it all-maximizing automation when printing brochures, improving print quality to a new level and setting color easily between jobs with virtually no human hand.” Daniel Pelikán Pelikán Daniel (Pardubice, Czech Republic)
“The truth is this press is a money maker and, to boot, my staff tells me it is a pleasure to operate.” Dennis Beck Minuteman Press (North Palm Beach, FL)
“It's the Swiss army knife of cut-sheet presses. Being able to offer full bleeds and square folds inline is a great advantage. Jobs that had previously touched multiple departments can now be done in one pass." Tim Sellers Printegra (Fairport, NY)
“Last month, we installed our third Versant." Jamie Gilbert Hickling & Squires (Nottingham, UK)
Xerox Versant 180 Press with Fiery EX 180 EFI Print Server BLI award 2018 badge

2018 Press of the Year

BLI Pro Award Colour Light Production

Xerox® Versant® 180 Press

A graphic representing the Xerox Versant 180 Press producing booklets 3x faster than the Canon imagePRESS C850

ProPrintPerfromance says Versant 180 Press prints and finishes booklets nearly three times faster than Canon imagePRESS C850!

81% More productive, more applications

BLI tested 12 different customer applications, with the Versant Presses scoring an average of 81% of the expected performance—among the highest in the industry.

Five stars

BLI rates Versant 180 five stars for productivity, calling out its advantage over competitors.

Graphic showing 3 portraits from different distances, A+, thumbs up

Image Test Labs grades Versant as a "Top Performer for Image Quality", and "Best in Class on Total Colour, Lines and Text".

49x faster

ProPrintPerformance rates Versant 3100 a whopping 49 times faster than Ricoh C9110 when handling mixed media and 5 times faster than Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C1100!

Home 94, Away 7

Versant 180 retains over 94% of its rated speed in BLI’s field test when switching between light and heavy uncoated and coated media. Competitors weighed in at 7.1% and 68.4%.

Icon of hands clapping, with the words "High praise"

BLI calls Versant 3100 the above average choice for mid to large-size print shops looking for quality and dependability.

Faster is Better! Icon of a speedometer.

On ProPrintPerformance’s sample 50-page mixed-media/stapled report job, Versant 180 was 100% faster than the Konica Minolta AccurioPress C2070 and 123% faster than the Ricoh Pro C7110!

"When measuring front-to-back solid density, both the Versant 3100's and Versant 180's deviations were less than that of most competitors with both coated and uncoated media." BLI Production Print Report
“In BLI's test for color consistency, both the Versant 3100 and the Versant 180 demonstrated mean and peak delta shifts that were the lowest or among the lowest of their peers.” BLI Production Print Report
"The Versant 180 and the Versant 3100 performed at or near their rated speeds in nearly 50 print scenarios BLI evaluated across all media sizes and weights from 52 to 350 gsm.” Keypoint Intelligence
"The Stock Library Manager is a significant strength of the system. We utilized this technology along with the Full Width Array throughout testing to create alignment profiles for front-to-back registration and found it to be not only extremely simple but to work flawlessly too." Keypoint Intelligence
A woman looking at a colorful brochure, in front of a Xerox Versant Press

Který lis Xerox® Versant® je pro vás ten pravý?

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