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FreeFlow Print Manager

FreeFlow Print Manager software offers integrated print management and full job ticketing, plus it provides a single point of access to all of your FreeFlow Print Manager-supported printers.


  • Increases your productivity and simplifies your processes by integrating print management and job ticketing processes into one consistent workflow
  • Lets you manage and monitor all of your printers, including both digital and offset, from a single interface, to better leverage all of your hardware for the greatest return on your investment
  • Simplifies operator training by employing an easy-to-use, consistent and customisable graphical user interface
  • Reduces job programming complexity by using the same processes for all FreeFlow Print Manager-supported printers
  • Seamlessly integrates with Xerox digital printers within your existing offset workflow, to provide a streamlined, cost-effective gateway from offset to digital printing


  • Lets you remotely access all of your digital printers to submit jobs and reprint requests, and oversee your digital print operations:
    • Automatically query your print systems for capabilities to ensure job ticket compatibility
    • Identify production print attributes, such as covers, exception pages, and media
    • Direct jobs to the most appropriate or available printer
    • Reprint jobs with little or no job ticketing requirements
    • Develop custom GUIs for faster, easier production
  • Provides a complete job ticketing system with a full range of features, such as:
    • Choose available stocks/Identify copy count, page range
    • Shift and rotate images/Program anti-aliasing/Adjust resolution
    • Adjust lightness, contrast, saturation
    • Program finishing options

Key Applications

  • Easily integrates into multiple-engine printing environments, both all-digital and offset-and-digital workflows
  • Facilitates print management in any print production environment including:
    • Quick print
    • Commercial printing
    • Book publishing
    • On-demand publishing