Customer Satisfaction

Our customer experience is the key to our success. By listening to customers and enhancing our work based on their input, we are able to develop both meaningful relationships and quantifiable analytics to continuously improve our programs and process.

#56 on the Forbes list of The World’s Most Reputable Companies 2017 based on a survey of 240,000 international consumers in 15 countries

Relationship Surveys
Through relationship surveys, we ask our customers and partners about their experiences working with Xerox. The surveys identify levels of customer satisfaction with our products, services and support. The feedback helps us determine which improvements are most likely to bolster customer value and help differentiate us from the competition. We follow a rigorous management process to ensure customer feedback is addressed at multiple levels with full accountability by the business.

Transactional Surveys
We employ transactional surveys to monitor satisfaction with our products and services. These surveys help us to diagnose root causes of complex issues. Transactional surveys also tell us if we have achieved the objectives of our service-level agreements and if our customers are satisfied with individual interactions.

We offer a survey on our Support & Driver website that identifies customer satisfaction and purpose for visiting the site, as well as gathering verbatim feedback. The participation level is less than 1% of the site visitors but we can extract from the data areas of opportunities for the customer experience on our Support site. We are in the planning cycle to update the user experience to increase the customer’s ability to locate the plethora of content available.

Tracking Customer Satisfaction
Our global customer experience platform includes survey features and functions, as well as advanced analytics capabilities, which drive progress in our customer experience program through better insights and closed-loop follow-up. In addition, the centralized platform provides a basis for governance and measurement process oversight.

Social Media
We have several customer support social media offerings, enhancing the online support experience and providing new ways for customers to engage with Xerox Support in the U.S.

  • The Xerox Support Community offers a peer-to-peer forum where customers and other industry professionals can collaborate about Xerox equipment and software. Customers may also access this online community with their mobile devices, enhancing their support experience with social networking on the go.
  • The At Your Service blog provides customers with a light-hearted and insightful look into equipment features and services.
  • Xerox’s latest support news is shared with followers of the @XeroxSupport Twitter handle. Customers may also engage with us for product information and technical assistance.
  • The Xerox Support YouTube site is the most recent addition. It contains product videos to help with device questions and edification.

We actively listen to, and engage in, conversations generated by consumers in public forums and social media. This enables us to better understand consumers’ experiences with our products and processes and their perceptions of our brand. Social media listening focuses on individual, publicly available conversations and provides insight into the impact of our products, processes, people, innovations and communications.

We frequently see an increase in likes and retweets of our blog articles as customers find them very helpful. As mentioned earlier, we listen to our customers and have begun a design effort to improve the customer experience on our Support website. Some enhancements include, as mentioned above, the new YouTube Xerox Support site, the ability to see the service status. More enhancements will be integrated on the site so keep checking to see what’s new.

Xerox Corporate Focus Executive Program
The Xerox Corporate Focus Executive Program fosters relationships with our top corporate accounts. A senior Xerox executive is assigned to collaborate with our account team to understand customer requirements, establish and implement strategic account plans, marshal resources to eliminate customer concerns and build strong, productive customer partnerships that enhance customer satisfaction and accelerate revenue growth.

Executive Customer Care Program
For more than 20 years, our corporate officers have volunteered in a rotation as “Customer Care Officer of the Day.” The program provides customers the opportunity to share their concerns with our senior leaders. It also gives our executives a unique opportunity to hear from a broad range of customers first-hand.

The officer, supported by a team of dedicated professional problem solvers, assumes personal responsibility for assisting with any and all customer concerns. The officer of the day has three main priorities: listen to the customer, address the customer’s problem and take the necessary action to fix the underlying cause. It is a time-honored commitment to our customer focus.