Talent Management and Workforce Development

Talent Management and Workforce Development

At Xerox, we’ve built a culture around learning. Rather than simply “delivering training,” we integrate learning into day-to-day work. Our employees have access to a library of learning tools aligned with our corporate vision, values and business direction. So whether an engineer wants to brush up on writing and editing or an accountant wants to learn what it takes to be a manager, employees can delve into what interests them and take ownership of their own development.

We rely on the expertise of our workforce to remain competitive and thrive. For us, learning is about much more than just delivering training.

Our key priorities include:
  • Integrating learning with work
  • Building a culture of learning
  • Fostering ownership of high-performance and career-focused learning among employees

Career Planning
We want employees to have rewarding careers at all levels, and our learning strategy and assets play an important part in making sure they do. Managers and employees work together to build individualized learning plans. In addition, we are developing our next generation of leaders. When managers identify an emerging leader on their team, they work with the individual to plan future learning, education and job roles. In addition, they alert their own management team about the emerging leader.

Each year, our CEO and her senior team discuss individual performance and career paths with those who are poised to assume key management roles. Our Human Resource Development Council provides a forum for senior management to review the future needs of the organization, noting strengths, gaps and strategies to build strong teams for years to come.

Learning Resources
All employees (plus authorized business partners) can access our online learning environment, Learning@Xerox. This includes resources for many industry and Xerox proprietary certifications. In addition to on-demand virtual learning, we offer face-to-face and virtual instructor-led classes, online collaboration, user-generated sharing, customized online portals and performance support to our people worldwide.

On-the-job training is tailored to improving current capabilities as well as building a foundation for the future. These experiences provide hands-on opportunities to expand and enhance skills.

We also encourage employees to participate in advanced degree and certification programs and, in some cases, offer support.

We realize that a strong employee onboarding experience for new hires is important for their success. The experience combines aspects of education about Xerox culture and values with guidance about critical elements like benefits and direct deposit. Targeted learning paths cover topics such as ethics, diversity and inclusion, and security, as well as organization and critical job-specific information.

Asset Access
During 2015, 1.2 million learning assets were accessed through Learning@Xerox by our employees and partners. Xerox employees and authorized partners have round-the-clock access to a collection of approximately 750,000 learning resources, including videos, online classes and digitized books. XstreamVideo, our video-sharing platform, contains more than 11,000 videos created by Xerox employees which increase workforce engagement, allow our people to identify and promote innovative solutions and accelerate the adoption of successful business strategies.

We are currently working to improve our tracking and reporting process for employee training that occurs outside of our Learning@Xerox environment.

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Learning@Xerox is our web-based global learning platform that supports both formal and informal development needs.

Xerox provides learning portals with curated resources targeted to specific employee population needs. Each portal is aligned to our workforce development strategy. In early 2016 we launched Leading@Xerox, an enterprise gateway to enable the targeted development of leaders at all levels. Leading@Xerox provides a carefully selected collection of internal and external learning resources, including videos, courses, books, and audio books for each level of leadership.

We evaluate all learning activities to ensure they contain relevant knowledge, fill skill gaps and promote the development of our employees. We assess the impact on our business through Competency Development Impact studies, which help us understand how our training enhances productivity.

Our global learning and development have been recognized by the human capital development industry for thought leadership and spotlighted in publications such as Training Magazine, Elearning! Magazine, and Chief Learning Officer Magazine. We have received industry recognition from Bersin by Deloitte as a “Learning Leader” and won the WhatWorks® Award. Our XstreamVideo platform was profiled by CEB as a leading example of enabling workforce knowledge sharing.

In 2015, Xerox was recognized as a learning leader through participation in the White House summit focused on the President’s Upskill America initiative. The commitment to our workforce was referenced in the associated White House report.

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