Safe Services and Products

Safety has always been a cornerstone of our work in product development. Our comprehensive Product Safety Plan details specific requirements and all Xerox imaging equipment is assessed for conformance to these requirements. We assess all potential hazards, including the ways in which different hazards may interact. We take a conservative position on potential health risks to employees and customers, always meeting or exceeding government safety regulations. We have robust processes for tracking regulatory violations and non-conformity with voluntary codes and labels.

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Customers are encouraged to review product safety information and understand the environmental profile of our devices. User guides contain information regarding safe use as well as any applicable hazard warning. Our Product Safety Data Sheets (PSDS) offer environmental, health and safety information for each Xerox device. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) identify hazards associated with specific materials and describe how they can be safely handled, used and stored. Both our SDS and product labeling have been updated to meet the requirements of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals as implemented through regulations in our various markets. Customers can access SDS and PSDS in multiple languages at

Ergonomic Design
We consider the ergonomic aspects of our products from both a user and a service standpoint to ensure inclusion and operability. Our design teams consider all points of human interface, including a product’s height, curves, placement of touch screens and paper trays. Customers work directly with the designers in our labs to test and continually improve the usability of new products.

Machine Emissions
Consistent with the world’s most stringent ecolabels, we design products to control emissions of chemicals and noise. As a result, current products have achieved chemical emission levels that are well below global regulatory requirements — often at or near the detection limit of our measurement equipment — and are considered to have a negligible impact on customers’ work environments. We publish emissions data on each product’s Safety Data Sheet.

Toner Study
In 2013, we concluded a comprehensive investigation that lasted more than three decades on the health risks of inhaling xerographic toner. The studies included assessments of the health of current employees and an assessment of the causes of death for people who worked for the company between 1960 and 1982. The analyses demonstrated that the health and mortality patterns of Xerox employees are consistent with a healthy working population, and in fact, our employees had a lower rate of disease (i.e., are healthier) than the general population. In October 2010, the mortality study was published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.