Innovative Solutions

Innovation is more than a buzzword at Xerox. It’s what we use smartly and strategically to help the world tackle many daunting and laborious tasks. Our mission and heritage to help our customers be more successful has led us on a fascinating journey where we innovate services, technologies and solutions that improve the flow of work, help our environment and enhance people’s lives.

Xerox GoDenver and GoLA apps use innovation and analytics to get a grip on urban growth.

Xerox GoDenver and GoLA apps use innovation and analytics to get a grip on urban growth.

We have more than 600 researchers and engineers at Xerox. Since we acquired Affiliated Computer Services in 2010, many of these individuals have shifted focus to our Services business. We’ve developed more than two-dozen technology platforms to drive our business. These platforms support more than 100 customer offerings, such as the Merge™ parking platform, Mobile Analytics Platform, CitySight®, Maven® Outbreak Management Software and the Xerox® Program Integrity Validator. Today, approximately 40 percent of our patent filings are in support of our Services offerings.

Customer Dreaming Sessions
In the words of Sophie Vandebroek, Xerox Chief Technology Officer and President of the Xerox Innovation Group, “Something is only an innovation if it makes a difference to our clients or to the world.” So the question is, how do you know what delights your customers? In our case, we ask them.

At Xerox, we view our customers as partners in innovation. Our researchers observe customers and their clients directly in their work environments and employ ethnographic methods to identify needs and pain points. Last year, we conducted nearly 200 customer events with more than 2,500 participants. More than half of those interactions were dreaming sessions, where researchers and customers get together to explore the future of the customer’s business and identify the key issues.

From those deep dives spring ideas that develop into business opportunities. For example, we’re working on ways to make it easier to harness data from images. Scientists and engineers from our four global research centers are applying advanced image processing, sophisticated algorithms and predictive analytics to a range of industries, including transportation and healthcare.

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The Merge® Parking Management System, deployed in downtown Los Angeles, is one example of a solution built on Xerox innovation. This first-of-its-kind system gathers and analyzes data from smart meters, off-street parking lots and more than 6,000 on-street parking sensors to provide a complete picture of parking demand. Motorists use their smartphones and vehicle navigation systems to obtain real-time information on parking rates and available parking spaces, and to make payments. In addition, smart-pricing algorithms adjust parking rates based on demand. This demand-based pricing helps eliminate congestion by offering incentives to drivers to use a different mode of transportation or park farther away.

Xerox is developing an easy-to-use transit solution, called Xerox Seamless™, which will provide a new, disruptive model for public transport mobile payments. Operators would simply install Near Field Communication (NFC) tags provided by Xerox on their transport network. The tags use a patented method, developed by Xerox research and development teams based in Grenoble and Valence, France, to secure the encrypted transactions and transmit them even without network connectivity.

The Xerox Seamless solution will come with a smartphone app that makes it easy for public transport customers to manage their travel. Travelers will simply download the Seamless app and register. Billing will be processed automatically, based on the trips completed on the various transport providers.

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