Employee Volunteer Activities

Employee Volunteer Activities

At Xerox, we believe a combination of financial and human resources can bring about greater change than either on its own. This philosophy is perhaps best represented by our Community Involvement Program. This long-running, grassroots initiative backs the voluntary spirit of our employees with funding support from Xerox. In this way, we’re making the biggest difference in the communities where we live and work.

Since the program began in 1974, thousands of Xerox people have been involved in regional, community-focused projects each year. In 2015, The Xerox Foundation invested over $1.3 million in the Community Involvement Program, enabling 12,000 Xerox people to participate in 800 projects.

More than $1.3 million was invested in our Community Involvement Program, enabling 12,000 Xerox people to participate in 800 projects in 2015

Outside of our employee volunteer programs, Xerox people also give their time and talent to a wide variety of causes. Here are a few examples:

  • Xerox scientists participate in the Xerox Science Consultant Program, which sends our people into elementary schools to teach science to inquiring young minds and to ignite interest in science as a career.
  • Xerox lawyers provide pro bono work to a wide range of non-profits.
  • People across Xerox — from the C-suite to the factory floor — volunteer their time to help make our world a better place, whether by giving their time to a corporate board or by rolling up their sleeves and packing boxes for a holiday food and gift drive.

During 2015, 91.3 percent of our philanthropic investments were directed to institutions and organizations where someone from Xerox was personally involved.

No relationship better illustrates Xerox’s commitment to community volunteers than the one we have with the United Way. In 2015, The Xerox Foundation gave $1.7 million in grants to some 70 United Way organizations throughout the United States, including $450,000 to the United Way of Rochester, New York. In addition, Xerox employees personally donated more than $590,000 of their own money, as well as volunteer hours, to the United Way agencies and Day of Caring.

The grand total of Xerox’s contribution to the United Way in 2015, combining Foundation grants and employees’ donations, was more than $2.2 million.