Employee Wellness

A critical component of our benefits strategy is managing active healthcare. The key to managing healthcare costs is for employees to take an active role in decisions about their health and the healthcare services they receive. These include accessing their healthcare needs throughout the year, staying well, following a healthy lifestyle and getting care when they need it.

We have a long-standing and substantial commitment to the health and wellness of our employees, their families and our communities. Examples of our corporate initiatives include: significant incentives for optional employee participation in an annual health risk assessment, which is coordinated with optional health coaching for interested employees and their families; regular intranet postings, e-mails and podcasts related to disease prevention and health promotion; programs such as Eat Well, Live Well© that are geared toward reducing primary risk factors for chronic disease, such as sedentary lifestyles, lack of physical activity and poor diet; formal audits of our benefits design to assure excellence in our attention to screening, diagnosis and treatment of serious chronic diseases; and partnering with national, nonprofit NGOs such as the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society, to deliver programs designed to reduce risk factors and disease burdens of serious diseases.

To further supplement our efforts to support a healthy workforce, a wealth of healthcare and wellness resources are available through our BenefitsExpo, a unique and interactive Web environment that highlights key information about our health and wellness plans. We also collaborate with other corporations, both large and small, through such entities as chambers of commerce, to deliver strategies for the reduction of serious diseases, not just for our employees and their families, but for entire communities.