Stakeholder Engagement

Broadening the Bottom Line: People, Planet, Profit
As part of the way we do business, Xerox seeks to be a valuable partner. That is, a partner with our customers, suppliers, employees and those who invest in our brand. A citizen of the world, Xerox honors the communities where we operate and our people reside. How are we fulfilling this far-reaching commitment? The following stakeholder engagements are a few of the ways we expand our perspective to the benefit of all.

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How We Engage


Our Customers
  • Sentinel Customer Satisfaction Assurance System®: real-time customer feedback in a closed-loop process
  • Annual Customer Satisfaction Measurement Survey
  • Competitive Benchmark Surveys
  • Client Delivery Satisfaction Interview
  • Xerox Customer Community and Forum
  • At Your Service blog
  • @XeroxSupport Twitter handle
  • Customer personalized portal offering
  • Xerox Corporate Focus Executive Program
  • Customer Care Officer of the Day
  • In the U.S., we use a Problem Resolution Satisfaction Survey to ensure issues are resolved to our customers’ satisfaction while identifying root causes, to be addressed.
  • Customer Service has gone social with new Social Support offerings enhancing the online support experience. The Customer Support forum provides a peer-to-peer environment for customers and other industry professionals to post and respond to discussion threads about Xerox equipment and software. With thousands of registered members and more than half a million message views per month, customers have the opportunity to resolve printing issues and participate in conversations about Xerox products in a 24/7 online community.
  • Xerox offers MySupport Portal – a customizable and secure portal that provides customers visibility of their fleet of Xerox equipment. MySupport allows users to view meter and supply information, identify the status of device communication with Xerox, and also access relevant support content, including the product knowledge base, drivers, documentation and videos.
  • Every day, a company officer is assigned to respond to all customer concerns coming into headquarters that day by following through to resolution.
  • We’ve hosted dozens of sustainability forums with customers, sharing best sustainability practices and encouraging customers to reduce their environmental footprint.
Our People
  • Voice of Employee Survey
  • Sentinel employee feedback tool on intranet
  • Ethics hotline
  • Open-door policy
  • Global Webcasts
  • Town hall meetings
  • Employee roundtables
  • Yammer
  • CEO Ursula Burns hosted 81 employee roundtables or town hall meetings with employees from around the world and five global Webcasts.
  • We launched Yammer, a micro blogging site for our employees where they can connect and collaborate with their colleagues in open or private groups. Since its launch, over 22,000 employees have joined the network.
Our Shareholders
  • Annual meeting of shareholders
  • Quarterly teleconferences
  • One-on-one investor briefings
  • Annual investor conference
  • We hosted 42 small group meetings with potential investors in major markets including Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, London, Montreal and Toronto.
  • Xerox executives spoke with investors/analysts through approximately 450 one-on-one meetings and phone calls.
Our Suppliers
  • Routine business reviews with key suppliers
  • Assess performance against the EICC code of conduct
  • Annual communication of Xerox supplier code of conduct to supplier base
  • Xerox purchasing staff located in regions where suppliers are located
  • Participation in diverse supplier development councils and events
  • Quality Management System assessment-on site visits
  • Over 80% of top suppliers have committed to EICC code of conduct.
  • By end of 2010, conducted over 150 first-time and follow-up EICC audits.
  • Over 100 purchasing employees based in Asia.
  • 2010 diverse supplier spending: minority-owned ($209M), woman-owned ($282M) and veteran-owned ($56M).
Our Communities
  • Employees contributed their time and talents in hundreds of community-related projects worldwide.
  • As a founding sponsor of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), Xerox engineers and managers have been donating their time and talents to help secondary-level students channel their technical curiosity. The Xerox team helps the kids build robots that must complete an assigned task in a national competition.
  • In Russia, the local office refurbishes old office equipment and donates the updated equipment to local charities in need.
Our World: Public Policy Makers and Influencers
  • Through active memberships with business and trade associations and frequent engagement with public policy makers, Xerox helps to educate on key issues related to its business, industry and stakeholders.
  • Xerox CEO Ursula Burns serves on the board for the President’s initiative, Change the Equation, which focuses on increasing the number of minority and female students engaged in STEM, a national program aimed at honing students’ skills in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The initiative is expected to help the U.S. sharpen its competitive edge in innovation.
  • Xerox CEO Ursula Burns serves as vice chair of President Obama’s Export Council, aimed at helping American businesses export more products, thereby helping the economy and creating jobs.
  • Xerox CEO Ursula Burns serves as an ex-officio member of President Obama’s Jobs & Competitiveness Council.