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Xerox Revenue by Reporting Segment: 2010
We report our financial results through three segments: Technology, Services and Other. Financial information for operating segments is presented in our quarterly and annual reports available at


Technology$10.3 Billion
Our Technology segment includes the sale of products and supplies, as well as the associated technical service and financing of those products. The Technology segment is centered around strategic product groups that share common technology, manufacturing and product platforms.


Services $9.7 Billion
Our Services segment comprises three service offerings: Business Process Outsourcing, Document Outsourcing and Information Technology Outsourcing. We provide non-core, mission-critical services that our clients need to run their day-to-day business.


Other$1.6 Billion
Our Other segment primarily includes revenue from paper sales, wide-format systems and Global Imaging Systems network integration solutions and electronic presentation systems.

Xerox Corporation: Who We Are and What We Offer
With sales of $22 billion and operations in more than 160 countries, we are the world’s leading enterprise for business process and document management. You know us well for our leadership in document technology and services that includes printers, multifunction devices, production publishing systems, managed print services and related software. We continue to build on this heritage of innovation today.

With our acquisition of Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), we have transformed into a leader in business process and IT outsourcing. We offer global services from claims reimbursement and electronic toll transactions to the management of HR benefits and customer care centers.

The new Xerox, 133,500 of us worldwide, is dedicated to innovation, service and giving our customers the freedom to focus on what matters most: their real business.

What We Offer
We provide the industry’s broadest portfolio of document technology, services and software and the most diverse array of business process and IT outsourcing support.


The innovation that we bring to document systems, software and integrated solutions is unparalleled in the industry and is built into our broad portfolio of technology for businesses of any size, in any industry, anywhere around the world.

For the Workplace
Our broad array of document devices enables us to provide the right solution for any workplace and for any office, large or small. We offer:

For Production Print Environments
With digital production publishing, we created the on-demand printing industry, and our technology has allowed it to evolve. Books can now be printed for one or for thousands, and marketing materials can be customized for each and every prospect.

For the graphic arts, marketing and production environments, we offer these printing systems and services:


Document Outsourcing
To boost productivity and lower costs, our industry-leading, end-to-end document services include: helping businesses develop online document archives; analyzing how employees can most efficiently share documents and knowledge in the office; operating in-house print shops or mailrooms; and building Web-based processes for personalizing direct mail, invoices, brochures and more. Through these services, we:

Business Process Outsourcing
We are the largest worldwide diversified business process outsourcing company, with focused offerings in education, transportation, communication, healthcare, government, financial services, manufacturing, consumer goods and retail.

Our services include:

Information Technology Outsourcing
We specialize in designing, developing and delivering effective IT solutions. Our secure data centers’ help desks and managed storage facilities around the world provide a reliable IT infrastructure that minimizes the chance of disruption to our clients’ daily operations.

Our services include:

Research and Development
Innovation keeps us in the forefront of our industry. Four percent of our revenue is dedicated to R&D and engineering. We have four R&D centers in the U.S., Canada, Europe and India that focus on color science, computing, digital imaging, work practices, electromechanical systems, novel materials and other disciplines. Xerox holds more than 10,200 active U.S. patents.

Xerox Around the World
Xerox customers include small and mid-size businesses, graphic communications companies, government entities, educational institutions, Fortune 1000 companies and firms in document-intensive industries such as healthcare, legal and financial services. Xerox offerings are sold through: our worldwide sales force; a network of independent agents and concessionaires, dealers, value-added resellers and systems integrators; Global Imaging Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xerox; and the Web.

Revenues by Geography
($ billions)

Revenues by Geography

We operate in more than 160 countries worldwide and serve a $600 billion+ market.

In 2010, about 36% of our revenue was generated from non-U.S. customers. Our largest subsidiary outside the U.S. is Xerox Limited, which operates predominantly in Europe. We conduct our Developing Markets Operations in Latin America, Brazil, the Middle East, India, Eurasia and Central-Eastern Europe, and Africa through operating companies, subsidiaries and distributors.

Fuji Xerox, an unconsolidated entity in which we own a 25% interest, develops, manufactures and distributes document processing products and services in Japan, China, Hong Kong and other areas of the Pacific Rim, Australia and New Zealand.

On February 5, 2010, we acquired Affiliated Computer Services (ACS). We also completed acquisitions to further strengthen our distribution capacity and expand our reach into the small to mid-size market in both the United States and Europe.

Xerox at a Glance

2010 Revenue:
$21.6 billion

2010 Net Income:
$606 million

133,500 worldwide as of
June 2011

Operates in:
More than 160 countries

Founded: In 1906 as The Haloid Company; named Haloid Xerox in 1958; named Xerox Corporation in 1961

Fortune 500 Ranking:
No. 121


Norwalk, Connecticut, U.S.A.


Xerox Market Opportunity
($ billions)

Xerox Market Opportunity

Services Market Opportunity
($ billions)

Services Market Opportunity

Our Values
Since our inception, we have operated under the guidance of six core values: