Employee and Community Affairs

An additional 12.2% of our grants went to the areas of employee and community affairs which include organizations such as the Inner City Foundation for Charity; Volunteer Legal Services (located in Rochester, Chicago and New York); Habitat for Humanity; and Junior Achievement.

Under the umbrella of employee and community affairs, the Foundation manages two employee volunteer programs:

  • Social Service Leave enables a select group of employees to volunteer full time and at full pay. Since 1971, 488 Xerox employees have been granted fully paid leaves of absence from their jobs to serve full-time on social action projects of their own design and choosing. Seven Xerox people were selected for leaves in 2010 and began them early in 2011.
  • The Xerox Community Involvement Program marries the voluntary spirit of our people with Xerox funding to participate in the betterment of the communities where we live and work. In 2010, the Foundation invested over $1 million in the program and 10,137 Xerox people participated in 712 projects.

In addition to our more formalized employee volunteer programs, Xerox people give their time and talent to a wide variety of other societal needs. Xerox scientists participate in the Xerox Science Consultant Program, which sends our people into elementary schools to teach science to inquiring young minds, helping to ignite interest in science as a career. Xerox lawyers provide pro bono work to a wide range of non-profits. And many Xerox people – from the “C-level suite” to the “factory floor” – volunteer their time and serve on boards of organizations focused on making our world a better place.

In Poland, our company partnered with local organizations to promote awareness of breast and cervical cancer in the “Love Your Life” campaign. The initiative targeted at-risk women in smalls towns who often don’t seek preventive care, which may lead to early detection of the disease.

In honor of Heart Month, a group of employees from Xerox Canada volunteered their time to raise money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation in Ontario. The results of their efforts have gone directly to the extensive slate of research programs that the agency funds. The team raised $13,000 (Canadian currency) including a donation from Xerox Canada’s Employee Initiated Philanthropy program, whose primary focus is to provide corporate funding for charitable organizations that employees are connected to in a meaningful way.

We have an abiding belief that the combination of Xerox financial resources and human resources has a higher impact than one or the other. In fact, during 2010, 93.7% of our philanthropic investments went to institutions and organizations where Xerox people are involved.