Digital Print Solutions for Smart Packaging

Consumer demands for authentic, safe, and intelligent products are on the rise. Similarly, brands are constantly looking for ways to protect themselves from the threats of counterfeiting. The solution? Smart packaging that can store, sense, compute and wirelessly communicate information — acting as if the package has a mind of its own. Our portfolio of customisable smart packaging solutions add low-cost intelligence that integrates with, and protects, your packaging.

Featured Technology

Printed Memory
Xerox® Printed Memory for Brand Protection

Xerox Printed Memory can be used as an affordable and secure solution to help prevent losses due to counterfeit and gray market activity. Manufactured through a printing process, the memory is a printed electronic which comes on a small flexible label. For extra security, an optional Cryptographic Security feature adds unique, encrypted printed codes, such as barcodes or QR codes.
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A printed cup
Xerox® Printed Memory for Smart Consumables

Products with dispensing units that accept refills or consumables can greatly benefit from the affordable capabilities of Xerox® Printed Memory. This printed electronic label can be placed onto refill cartridges, enabling interaction with the dispensing device. Easily authenticate refills as well as count, record time, calibrate, and provide other usage information for the refill cartridge.
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Beauty products with smart packaging
Xerox® Smart Tag Platform

Xerox Printed Memory is just the beginning of Smart Packaging solutions at Xerox. We can work with you to develop more advanced printed electronics solutions with a wide range of functions, including sensing power, communication, display, logic and more.

What’s Next in Printed Packaging?

What’s Next in Printed Packaging?