Graph Expo 2011 Edition
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The capabilities of the Fiery and the clear
dry ink option proved to be very important
when Clone Digital was looking for ways
to alleviate the problems their customers
were having when picking up jobs at their
shop. Although quaint and lovely, the
City of Santa Rosa has a real shortage of
parking spaces in the downtown area. This
creates a big headache for the retailers
because clients can’t easily park to shop,
eat or conduct business with local service
providers such as Clone Digital.
Working with the City of Santa Rosa,
Clone Digital came up with an innovative
solution. They designed special parking
permits for the businesses to give to
customers for use in the 24-minute
loading zones. This meant that a finite
number of passes were printed using
Variable Data Print (VDP) to number
them sequentially, and with a clear dry ink
watermark added, they were impossible
to copy. Now, the City of Santa Rosa
law enforcement can easily see them on
dashboards and confirm the permits
are legitimate.
This is just one example of how Fiery VDP
capabilities and clear dry ink from Xerox
can meet unique challenges and help
print providers differentiate themselves
while better serving their customers.
The Fiery’s integrated spot color
management system allows Clone Digital
to offer
to our clients with little extra time or cost
and provides a unique addition to our
services and capabilities,” says Ellen.
John Henze joined
in April 2008
as vice president of Fiery marketing,
responsible for product management,
product and channel marketing,
product strategy and planning for
EFI’s flagship portfolio of Fiery
When deciding to purchase the
the choice for the server was an easy
one. As a loyal
user, Ellen says, “I
wouldn’t go with any other interface. We
are so pleased with the Fiery.” The 800
also brought a new growth opportunity
for Clone Digital with the ability to offer
the clear dry ink capability to their clients.
They added this option to the Xerox
because they saw tremendous value in
this new capability as a way to enhance
image quality, reinforce the impact of
personalization and offer watermark
documents for security applications.
We really like the clear dry ink option,”
says Mark Johnson, manager and graphic
designer at Clone Digital. “The Fiery makes
it very intuitive. We use Adobe InDesign
to assign a spot color as ‘clear’ to enable
the option on the Fiery. Our customers
are thrilled with the results and love the
enhanced effects of clear dry ink.”
The processing speed of the Fiery is
amazing,” continues Mark. “We love the
fact that we can offer our clients a fast
turnaround and deliver exceptional quality
on a consistent basis. As a boutique
printer, we need to be able provide
one-on-one customer service in a timely
manner. This is one of the things that
people like about us.”