Graph Expo 2011 Edition
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But b+p+t had recently installed
and had a trump card: access to the
extensive resources and expertise of the Xerox 1:1 Lab. When
the possibility of working with the Lab was offered, Miami
University signed on.
The 1:1 Lab in Action
Designed to demonstrate the power of relevant direct
marketing, the 1:1 Lab runs customer-specific tests comparing
results from traditional direct marketing against a data-driven
one-to-one version of the same campaign. The Xerox Lab
works with industry-leading partners who develop and produce
the campaigns. Miami’s campaign was produced by b+p+t
and engaged Trekk Cross-Media to develop the one-to-one
programming using
The Lab gave Miami an opportunity to “test drive” a new, more
personalized approach to recruiting, with a program that could
be replicated and expanded in future years. The school began
moving in this direction in its 2008-2009 campaign, with
letters personalized by name and field of interest, a dedicated
Web landing page and individualized email blasts. Results
were up from previous years, and Miami hoped the Lab could
do even better. Goals included:
Driving prospective students to PURLs to learn more about
the program and to complete surveys, providing more
intelligence for the campaign
Encouraging campus visits
Boosting enrollment without lowering the admission
In the test, nearly identical multimedia campaigns using direct
mail, PURLs and email were sent to two groups of 20,000
randomly selected prospective students. However, while one
group’s campaign applied relevant content based upon students’
interests, the control piece limited personalization to basics, such
as name and address.
Remarkable Results
The results were emphatic:
The data-driven campaign generated a 1,466 percent greater
response rate than the control, and 76 percent of PURL visitors
had received the personalized mailer.
Better targeting enabled Miami to reduce the number of print
pieces it produced by 29 percent—from 75,000 to 53,955—
lowering print and mail costs while achieving the highest yield
rate in its history.
Campus visits increased so quickly that promotions were
forced to shut down early when a 32 percent increase over the
previous year filled capacity.
The incoming class size, 525, was 30 percent larger than the
target of 400, and had the traditional high academic profile.
Some 90.5 percent of the enrollees had received the data-
driven mailer.
The impressive mailing inspired one parent to write to Miami:
My daughter (has) been recruited by a lot of top tier schools
and what stood out to her ahead of time was Miami’s marketing
materials and the personalization she received in the materials.
She now compares all of the materials she receives to Miami’s
and threw away a huge stack of other schools’ brochures
yesterday because they’re not ‘good enough’!”
Miami was so pleased with the overall results that it worked
with b+p+t communication solutions again on its 2010-2011
recruitment campaign. As a result, many more high-achieving
students are learning that the Miami Honors Program is clearly
distinguishing itself.
Gina Testa is vice president, Graphic Communications
and Business Development, Xerox Corporation,
The Miami Honors Program is distinguished for giving
exceptional students unparalleled freedom to tailor their
learning experiences beyond the traditional classroom. Eager
to increase awareness of—and enrollment in—its innovative
program, Miami University sought an equally innovative
strategy to reach and attract more high-achieving, potential
Honors students.