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business Graph Expo 2011 Edition
Think Miami University and you probably picture
palm trees and sandy beaches. That’s part of
the name-recognition challenge faced by Miami
University of Ohio, located in the picturesque
college town of Oxford in southern Ohio.
Fortunately, academic standing is not a challenge of the
Ohio school. It ranks 79th among more than 2,700 national
universities in the US News 2011 “Best Colleges” ranking, and
its prestigious honors program placed 89 percent of its 2010
graduates in jobs prior to graduation, more than double the
national average of 35 percent.
The Miami Honors Program is distinguished for giving
exceptional students unparalleled freedom to tailor their
learning experiences beyond the traditional classroom. Eager
to increase awareness of—and enrollment in—its innovative
program, Miami University sought an equally innovative
strategy to reach and attract more high-achieving, potential
Honors students.
The school turned to Cincinnati-based
a decades-long leader in commercial printing, which was
just beginning to embrace the personalized, one-to-one,
multichannel marketing programs Miami sought.
Attracting High-Achieving
Students with Personalized
Recruiting Materials
Miami University of Ohio exceeds its Honors Program enrollment
target by 30% in test of relevant, personalized communications
by the
by Gina Testa