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business Graph Expo 2011 Edition
Offering a larger sheet size for increased
productivity and vibrant, sharp colors for
high definition image quality, the new
iGen4 has redefined the digital
print market. Many print providers have
benefited from it, but it’s been Metzgers
Printing + Mailing that has taken the
possibilities of the iGen4 to the next level.
The Humble Beginnings
of Metzgers
Located in Toledo, Ohio, Metzgers
Printing + Mailing is one of the larger
printers in North America. Established
in 1976 as a typesetting business,
the company evolved into a desktop
publisher, color copy center and digital
printer by 1991 before becoming the
full-service provider it is today. “We had
one of the first Fiery RIPs installed in
Ohio and that’s what got us into digital
printing,” says Joe Metzger, president of
Metzgers. “We were able to print a file off
the Mac and it took about 15 minutes at
the time, but it was pretty cool.”
Today, Metzgers, co-owned by Joe and
his brother Tom, runs an impressive
operation in their 65,000-square-
foot facility, which houses a complete
line of offset and digital equipment,
including the
and the iGen4 Digital
Press in-line with
and optional
. The latter, in particular,
has enabled them to expand beyond
printing, innovating with a range of new
cross-media products that include one-
to-one variable pieces, PURL marketing
campaigns, e-brochures and more. “The
iGen has allowed us to create vertical
markets that we never thought of
before,” says Metzger. And by finishing
in-line, Metzgers has been able to
streamline the process even further.
A Bright Future with the
installs the Xerox
iGen4 in-line with Duplo’s
DBM-5001 Bookletmaker
by Diana Salgado