ProfitAccelerator Continuous Feed
Essentials Kit assembles key resources for
accelerating your business
If you are a continuous feed print provider looking to fuel your
business, Xerox
ProfitAccelerator Digital Business Resources
offer a wealth of tools for you to choose from—more than
in all. And to help you do more every day, Xerox has compiled
the most relevant resources for continuous feed into the new
ProfitAccelerator Continuous Feed Essentials Kit, designed
specifically to accelerate your business and get the largest return
on your investment.
The kit’s tools address key issues in all critical areas of the
business. Here’s a brief overview of its contents.
Sales and Marketing Resources
Continuous Feed Prospecting Guide
helps uncover new
continuous feed digital print applications and opportunities.
ProfitAccelerator Marketing Accelerator Kit
provides guidance
for developing or updating a marketing plan that drives business
ProfitAccelerator Open House/PR Kit
provides tools for
creating, implementing and hosting a successful open house
event and for creating a public relations campaign.
Samples Print Kit
offers PDFs of sample prints and
printing instructions for use in promoting continuous feed
outstanding image quality and capabilities.
Case Studies
give examples of how customers are
succeeding with a variety of continuous feed applications
like direct marketing and TransPromo.
Application Development Resources
Personalization Book
describes strategic issues, technical
concepts and market opportunities in variable data printing,
focusing on best practices, prospects and business models
that can optimize variable data printing profits.
individualized Media Essentials
covers marketing
tenents for maximizing impact by utilizing personalization
in communications as well as production considerations for
achieving maximum ROI with variable data printing.
Financial Resources
Value-Based Pricing Guide
specifies value-based digital
printing practices and provides worksheets and examples for
developing a services business model to successfully manage
a digital printing business.
describes available financial modeling
software that will determine the impact and ROI of adding
digital production equipment.
Agency and Design Resources
Pre-Press for Digital Printing Book
provides digital file
preparation information for graphic designers, university
professors and equipment operators.
Gives Your Continuous
Feed Business the Tools Needed to Grow
Get growing today
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