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business Graph Expo 2011 Edition
UPS Store #82 rents mailboxes, provides
shipping, packing and printing services
to individuals, small businesses and
corporations. Most small businesses do not
have the resources to do their shipping and
printing in-house, and for many, the store is
an extension of their office.
One longtime client of UPS Store #82,
ABS Canada, is a large international
agricultural company that uses a wide
range of printed materials in its day-to-
day operations. Sales representatives
need varying forms and sell sheets for a
wide range of products, and managers
and administrators use other forms.
The company uses a wide variety of
printing, in significant quantities, and
must warehouse it and then supply it.
Ordering, storing and distributing the
printed materials has historically been a
formidable and laborious task.
UPS Store #82 found that the traditional
manual ordering process was hurting its
business. On the consumer side of things,
the store’s staff had to spend a lot of time
walking individual customers through
their orders, costing staff and customers
alike time. Notes franchisee/owner, Garry
Ransom, “We were losing some of the
larger customers simply because they
were farming out some of the other print
jobs to other companies.”
fully hosted and
customized web-to-print software,
gave the store the incentive
Ransom’s corporate customers needed:
They can order online and they don’t
have to keep any inventory.” Each of
Ransom’s corporate clients now has a
customized website branded for that
company, stocked with all the products
they need and accessible to their
employees at any time, from anywhere.
Ransom also notes, “Prisme has some
excellent templates [customers] can use
and do all their own data input, such as
their name and address and what not. And
all we need to do is just print out the file.”
UPS Store #82 has given creative control
back to the customers, is saving money
and time, and has received very positive
feedback from the website’s users.
Ransom sees his store’s adoption of the
PrintSYS client interface as having many
and varied benefits for the future of his
business. Now that his store is on the
web, Ransom can expand his client base
far beyond the borders of his town and
can compete on equal footing with much
bigger printers. “We visualize that in the
future we will be able to take in more
orders, we are going to be communicating
less with our customers on the orders
side of it but communicating more when
they receive their orders. We are going
to require less floor space [for customer
interaction], which therefore allows us
more floor space for equipment. So we are
pretty optimistic about it.”
Prisme Helps the
UPS Store to Deliver
Customers rely on UPS Store #82 for more than just mail