Graph Expo 2011 Edition
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A key enabler: Renault’s robust customer
data, which includes dealer name, vehicle
model, purchase cost, interest rate when
purchased and current interest rate.
Thus, Propan could individualize offers—
from each car owner’s dealer.
Propan executed the program in
which enabled them to
generate pieces in multiple media from
a single set of rules and resources. The
campaign kicked off with a direct mail
postcard printed on Propan’s
digital presses and incorporating
a personalized URL (PURL). Recipients
who went to their PURLs were presented
with several offers—including a purchase
rebate, tire upgrade and insurance
discount—in exchange for providing
their email addresses.
Those who responded to the offers
received emails with redemption
coupons and another PURL link where
they were prompted to learn more about
the car, confirm or update their profile
information and schedule a test drive.
At the same time, XMPie’s analytics
and reporting tools enabled Renault
to automatically alert dealers that a
customer asked for a rebate coupon,
enabling timely follow-up on a hot sales
lead. Customers who never visited their
PURLs were sent personalized follow-up
reminder postcards, inviting them again
to join the campaign.
Too Good to Be True?
After just three months, the
individualized campaign had exceeded
all its targets and far outperforms
the traditional Renault campaign.
In addition to generating the nearly
percent lift in lease signings, half
of recipients visited their PURLs.
Of those, 36 percent (18 percent of the
total) shared their email addresses for
future communications and to get their
rebate checks.
Propan AB Owner Benni Feher attributes
the campaign’s success to the “simple,
short message, which speaks directly to
the recipient, and the innovative XMPie
technology, which uniquely enables
efficient creation and deployment of such
complex campaigns.”
Now Renault is staging additional
multi-media campaigns, and Renault
headquarters staff is monitoring their
success for possible broader deployment.
Among them: a loyalty campaign for
Renault Clio owners that uses print,
PURLS, email and mobile to once again
exceed its targets for collecting contacts
and generating sales.
Too good to be true? Not for Propan
and Renault.
In the campaign Propan ran for Renault,
individualized offers to current Renault
Scénic owners told them precisely how
much more or less they would have to pay
to trade in their Scénic for a new car and
lease. Postcards provided PURLs, where
recipients could begin the new lease
process. The approach boosted sales by
percent compared to static mailers.