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business Graph Expo 2011 Edition
campaign by Swedish
Renault Scénic sales by
nearly 800%
Get a new car for 123 kroner less
per month than you pay for your
current vehicle.”
Too good to be true? Not in the
campaign Swedish agency and print
provider Propan AB devised for Renault
to drive new vehicle sales among
current owners of the Renault Scénic.
Because Renault knew the actual
financials of the recipient’s current
lease, each offer was individualized
with the actual costs or savings
recipients would incur by trading
in for a new vehicle.
Thus, offers came in three categories:
pay a little less, pay a little more or pay
the same amount.
The results were spectacular. Sales
grew by nearly 800 percent compared
to past non-individualized campaigns as
percent of recipients signed a new car
lease, up from 0.8 percent. Now Renault
is applying the more personalized
approach to additional campaigns,
driving better results for Renault and
more revenue for Propan.
Need a Lift?
Among standard operating procedures
at French automaker Renault is direct
marketing offering new car leases to
customers in the last six months of their
month leases. Traditionally, Renault
sent static direct mail pieces with less
than stellar results, so the firm was
open to new approaches that could
improve sales.
Stockholm, Sweden-based
full-service marketing communications
agency that also provides offset and
digital printing through sister company,
Propan Print Center, proposed a more
personalized approach to open a dialog
with each individual customer.
Renault was hesitant to change its
processes so dramatically. But after
several meetings, Renault agreed to run
a test campaign promoting the new
Renault Scénic, the company’s compact
multi-purpose vehicle, eventually sending
it to 7,600 current owners. The goals:
Get customers to refinance new
Renault cars
Lift the success rate to 5 percent or more
Collect customers’ email addresses to
enable future communications
Individualized Offer from Renault Drives
Strong Results