Graph Expo 2011 Edition
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In 1995, VCE purchased a
We had that system for
a while, but prison procedures made it
ineffective,” says Palmese.
By 2001, Print Services’ offset turnaround
times of two to three weeks were colliding
head-on with customer demand for finished
jobs in 24 to 72 hours. In response, Palmese
suggested opening digital printing centers
outside the prison walls —a novel approach
that hadn’t been attempted before. Guillory
consulted with Xerox Corporation, which
embraced the idea.
After searching for the location, Xerox
proposed assuming responsibility
for the entire copy work of the State
Corporation Commission (SCC),” Guillory
recalled. This initial collaboration
led to a contract (now in its second
generation) and expansion to VCE
Digital Works.
Today, VCE’s Printing Services Group
operates Digital Works printing centers
in Richmond and South Park, each more
than 20 miles from the high-security
Powhatan Correctional Center that
houses VCE’s offset operation.
A More Productive System
In downtown Richmond, the smaller of
the two digital centers operates as a
convenience printer for the SCC and other
local government offices. Here, a
produce monochrome work, while a
color printer handles small
color jobs.
The larger facility in South Park includes
a state-of-the-art prepress department
equipped with two Apples, three PCs and
the latest publishing software, including