Graph Expo 2011 Edition
· 13
Louis Crockett, President of Keiger Inc., and Valarie Floyd, Director of
Keiger Direct, discuss ways to improve on their highly successful cross-media
campaign for Salem College.
Among the technologies that made
these response-generating campaigns
possible is
We use XMPie as
our print engine for the variable data,
driving it to the Creo and our Xerox
explains Valarie.
While technology may make it possible,
the biggest reason Keiger is delighting
their clients at Salem College and
elsewhere is because they focus on
the future. The 2011 Salem Shines
campaign launched in February,
and in early March the team started
brainstorming what they could do to
improve on it even more for 2012.
We’re always researching what’s
coming next,” says Valarie, “staying on
top of things, working with our vendors
and new technologies, beta testing,
trying to stay ahead of the crowd.”
Yes to greener printing
Not long ago, OLA Design Works, a
local marketing and design group for
Sustainable Display Solutions got in
touch with Keiger. SDS is a green mission
company that creates marketing and
merchandising displays for companies.
They offer a unique service in taking
old displays and refurbishing, reusing or
researching the greenest alternative for
a particular display.
It’s a unique business that makes a lot
of sense when you consider how many
displays are changed out frequently and
how much waste there is.
Not surprisingly, Sustainable Display
Solutions also likes to be sure all
their own communications are
environmentally responsible as well.
That includes any printed materials.
When they go out and do sales
proposals to their customers, the
materials we print are only for the
individuals that are going to be at that
meeting,” says Crockett. “So if they’re
going to have 10 people there, we
print 10 personalized pieces. Whenever
possible, we run on reclaimed paper.
In one case, salvage from a pocket folder
we were die cutting that day was used.”
Keiger’s Xerox
iGen4 gives them the
ability to print short runs that look
great, and run on just about any paper
that’s available.
Yes to web ordering
Sherri Buxton is one of the most
successful Coldwell Banker
in North Carolina, consistently listed
among the top 2 percent of agents
nationwide. Knowing what it takes to
stand out in a competitive environment,
she understood she had to increase
branding efforts and create a look
exclusively her own in order to take sales
to the next level. This meant moving
from the popular but generic Web-to-
Print store to a fully customized solution.
Having worked with Keiger Direct in the
past, she knew they would be the right
team to ask.
Keiger Direct enlisted Carrie Dickey, a
local freelance cross-media designer, to
reinvent Sherri’s brand—new logo, new
business cards, refrigerator magnets
and brochures.
Once the designs were set, Keiger
to begin phase one of Sherri’s online
stationery store, which consisted of a
single ultravariable open house brochure.
When it came time to print the
on-demand materials, Keiger relied on
their Xerox
iGen4 Press driven by a CX
Print Server powered by Creo.
We expect to create similar stationery
stores for other clients,” says Valarie
Floyd. Offering Realtors an end-to-
end collateral solution is a unique and
valuable service that makes things simple
yet flexible for customers. Turns out, that
makes them happy.