Growing business with
short-run books makes
for a great story, and
Danish print provider
rewrote the
rules to expand into
this segment and
handle digital book
manufacturing for
of Denmark’s top
book publishers.
The book publishers look at a digital
book and say “does it lay flat?”
explains Esben Mols Kabell, chief
executive officer and president of
Does it look like a real book?”
With the help of Xerox
continuous feed
printers, his books do lay flat. And he’s
meeting his primary goal of growing his
business and turning LaserTryk into an
international printing powerhouse.
Founded in 2000 by a pair of discotheque-
promoting partners, LaserTryk began
with the purchase of a single color copier.
The investment was driven by a need to
more cost effectively produce posters
and flyers. To fill extra capacity on the
printer, they began sending mailers to
other clubs offering printing services.
From there, demand took off, leading
them to upgrade their copier and target
other small- and medium-sized businesses
outside of the club scene.
Growth has been a defining
characteristic of LaserTryk ever since.
With 70 employees, a dozen printing
devices—including wide format printers,
offset presses and four Xerox
presses—and a range of finishing
equipment, the company has quickly
evolved from a small-time poster printer
into a major player in not only Denmark’s
printing industry, but the region’s as well.
Esben Mols Kabell
Chief Executive Officer
and President
10 ·
business Graph Expo 2011 Edition