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Xerox® DocuShare® Flex 2.9

What’s New in This Release

System Requirements

Upgrade from previous versions of DocuShare Flex is accommodated through Site Updates.

Operating Systems

  • CentOS 7 (CentOS is a free operating system distribution based upon the Linux Kernel).

  • Windows Server 2016

  • Windows Server 2019


  • Tomcat 9.0.62

  • Web Server

    • Apache 2.4.6 (CentOS 7)


  • Databases

    • PostgreSQL 13

Web Browser support

  • Google Chrome (latest)

  • Microsoft Edge-Chromium (latest)

  • Safari (latest)

  • iOS (latest)

What’s New

New Features

  • Digital Mail Incorporated into Mainline Product. This release has made Digital Mail available by license.

  • SAML Single Sign-On Support allows the customer to connect their DocuShare server to their enterprise Identify Provider. This enables users to log in using their enterprise login rather than having to use/remember a separate login/password for DocuShare.

  • Auto-Provisioning When SAML is Enabled. This is an Admin choice. If enabled, users that don’t exist on the DocuShare server will automatically be created and have basic access to the DocuShare server. This eliminates the need for the user to request an account from the Admin.

  • Allow Trash to be Emptied Immediately. Administrators can not log in and empty the trash immediately at any time.

Component Refresh

  • Apache Solr 9.1.1 for net new installations of DocuShare Flex. Solr is highly reliable, scalable, and fault-tolerant, providing distributed indexing, replication, load-balanced querying, automated failover and recovery, centralized configuration, and more. Solr powers the search and navigation features of many of the world's largest internet sites.

  • Apache Tomcat 9.0.62 implements specifications from the Java Community Process and includes many additional features that make it a valuable platform for developing and deploying web applications and web services.

Add-on Update

  • PDF Forms Packaged as an available add-on. Installation and enablement of this feature will add the following custom actions:

    • PDF Form Read – Allows form data to be read from a PDF and written into DocuShare Flex object properties.

    • PDF Form Write – Allows DocuShare Flex object property values to be written into PDF Form fields.

    • PDF Form Script – Provides a basic scripting language to manipulate PDF Form and object property data in one step.

    • PDF Extract Text – Allows text to be extracted from any PDF containing a text layer using pattern-based matching and region selection.

    • PDF Overlay - Allows the content of an existing PDF document held in Flex to be applied as an overlay to one or more pages in a target PDF document.

    • PDF Watermark – Supports the writing of dynamic text values at any position on one or more pages of a target PDF using a range of Font colors and sizes.

Installation Notes

DocuShare Flex 2.9

  1. The Installer is built using Java 11.

  2. The upgrade path is from DSFlex2.8 to DSFlex2.9 and not from DSFlex2.6 to DSFlex2.9. The customer is advised to upgrade to DSFlex2.8 before upgrading to DSFlex2.9.

  3. This installer will update Solr. Customers who upgrade from DSflex2.8 to DSflex2.9 need to run “dsindextool index_all” to index the site to make the object searchable.

Bug Fixes in this Release

AR Number

SPAR Number




SPAR 137793 Should not allow mapping a Folder Email Account Mapping to a CaptureFolder



1838157 incorrect Flex User Guide link



Case 456572 - Harper Collins - Unable to View an Uploaded Custom DB



SPAR 1893518 issue using the download function



Annotation viewer stuck in a loop when viewing routing tasks



1236401 Refresh button in the capture queue issue



SPAR 1580558 Content Rule Condition on the custom property with boolean type: the generated SPARQL query fails

Previous Releases

DocuShare® Flex 2.8 Release Notes

Xerox® DocuShare® Flex 2.8

Packaged Solutions

  • Manage Content Rule Variable editor is built-in, eliminating the need to drop in .jar files to present the content rule editor. This editor facilitates the development of 3rd party applications, via custom content rules actions, so that data can be passed between systems using variables.

  • Common Content Rule Logging provides error recording in the system exception log that indicates what Content Rules have failed and the timestamp. Events are also logged in access history when CR are added or deleted.

  • Webhooks admin support and location for reporting provides DocuShare Flex with the ability to track request status from a third-party platform by using a Webhook service. The third-party platform primarily notifies and sends updates to DocuShare Flex when specific events occur on the third-party platform, rather than waiting for DocuShare Flex to call and retrieve information from it. This sets the foundation for the easy integration of DocuShare Flex with other third-party platforms.

General Enhancements

User Interface Refresh:

  • Logos and site page image User Interface now use headers and footers that are modifiable on all pages, login page logo.

  • Admin UI has new control for Site Statistics in Administration Menu-> Services and Components -> Site Statistics. This offers objects counts, storage usage, content rule status, audited events, active sessions.

  • Admin UI has new control for Service Statistics Section in Administration Menu-> Services and Components -> Service Statistics. Used primarily for debugging, it provides service information for Content Intake, Content Rules, Content Store, Database, Indexing and Search.

Component Refresh

  • Apache Solr 7.5 for net new installations of DocuShare Flex (Lucene and Tika). Solr is highly reliable, scalable and fault tolerant, providing distributed indexing, replication and load-balanced querying, automated failover and recovery, centralized configuration and more. Solr powers the search and navigation features of many of the world's largest internet sites.

  • Apache Tomcat 9.0.62 implements specifications from the Java Community Process and includes many additional features that make it a useful platform for developing and deploying web applications and web services.

Add-on Update

  • Add-Ons and applications

    • Frevvo Forms – Introduction of Anonymous Forms and Forms Database support

  • PrizmDoc has been upgraded to 13.8, with 13.10 to follow. This displays a multitude of filetypes in a browser with no additional software needed. This embedded technology renders and displays documents within DocuShare Flex with zero footprint.

Installation Notes


  • Currently, we do not support running multiple DocuShare Flex instances on a single VM with Solr.

Upgrade Notes

Upgrades to Solr 7.5 During and immediately after the upgrade to DocuShare Flex 2.8, upgrades to Solr 7.5 (Lucene and Tika) cannot be performed. This is due to the dsflex.server.upgrade.solr parameter being set to “false”. Once set to “true”, the upgrade to Solr 7.5 requires a data index option via installer. PrizmDoc Client The PrizmDoc client should be installed on the PrizmDoc Server system. For upgrade from DocuShare Flex 2.6 Patch 1 to DocuShare Flex 2.8, it is recommended to uninstall the PrizmDoc client which was installed on DocuShare Flex server.

Additional Notes

Performance upgrades

  • Introduces significant fixes

  • Improves performance over DocuShare Flex 2.6, including the use of XSLTForms. With this new version, every page runs faster because of the presentation platform.

  • Addresses issues from DocuShare Flex 2.7

  • CIM reliability improvement increases the document ingestion from 25 documents per second to 37 documents per second.


  • Cookies change to reflect the same as in DocuShare 7.5 for DocuShare Flex, http, and same site policies. This prevents a type of spoofing known as "clickjacking", by disallowing third-party access to DocuShare Flex cookies (iframe 'same site' setting).

DocuShare Flex 2.5 Release Notes

Xerox® DocuShare® Flex 2.5

  • Webforms for Xerox® DocuShare® Flex Content Management Platform – An add-on option that enables presentation of fillable forms within the DocuShare Flex experience. These structured data interfaces support input and presentation of data in workflow processes via web forms with form chaining.

  • Connectors for Xerox® DocuShare® Flex Content Management Platform – This add-on option implements a framework for integration of DocuShare® Flex with key line-of-business systems and third-party data repositories, sharing documents and metadata bi-directionally with DocuShare Flex-based content management and workflows. This initial release supports integration with DocuSign®, Intuit QuickBooks Online, Box®, and®. Integrations with additional business systems are planned for future release.

  • Accounts Payable Automation for Xerox® DocuShare® Flex Content Management Platform – This add-on is a comprehensive Accounts Payable workflow solution. It comprehends ingestion and recognition of paper and electronic workflows, routing and approval with delegation, three-way matching, payment reconciliation, and external interfaces.

  • Xerox® DocuShare® Flex App – An iOS mobile application enabling connection to DocuShare Flex for working with content and workflows, including search, view, task management, approval workflows and basic capture.

  • General Enhancements

  • Major and Minor Bugfixes

  • Known System Limitations

General Enhancements

General User Interface Enhancements:

  • Configurable Task Work Queues: Support for the creation of task work queues by groups – e.g. tasks related to invoice processing.

  • Delegation Support for approval tasks: users can specify time off and the system will automatically re-route approval requests to delegated users as specified.

  • Reports for the Accounts Payable Automation for DocuShare Flex solution: Dashboard, charting and table capabilities specifically designed for the new Accounts Payable add-on solution.

Administration Interface Enhancements:

  • Introduction of Admin UI clickable interface

  • Admin UI Queue Task Counts: To be leveraged for report styling in future product enhancements and add-ons; it is currently used for reporting on the Accounts Payable add-on.

  • Admin UI application connection support: Ability to view and link in a 3rd party web service into the DocuShare Flex interface – example: Linking in report views from a 3rd party reporting service.

  • Admin UI Autocomplete Fields support for dynamically showing drop-down options for key Metadata / Property fields in DocuShare Flex: Users can specify allowed values for specific properties as drop-down selections to choose from.

  • Admin UI for configuration of email notifications: This allows users to receive emails whenever they receive a task.

  • Admin UI support options for setting site holiday, work week, and fiscal year schedule: this can be used for reporting in modules such as the Accounts Payable add-on and others that will be provided in the future.

  • Admin UI support for adding custom database tables via CSV: These tables are used for auto-complete and auto-fill features.

  • Admin UI support for duplicate object titles in the same folder.

  • Admin UI for System Exception Logs accessed by Coordinator users via web browser.

General Enhancements Available But Not Viewable in Interface:

  • Support for dynamically matching “related documents” using SPARQL: This is used to support matching of documents for processes such as 3-way matching in the Accounts Payable add-on.

  • Improved performance for navigation on large sites.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Several fixes to the Shrink Wrap feature that prevented saved shrink wraps from being deployed properly on other servers.

  • Fixed LDAP sync issues that prevented user login under error conditions.

Known System Limitations


  • The initial (October) release of DocuShare Flex 2.5 will be English-only. Localized interfaces will be available in 1Q 2019.

  • AR38465 – The number of invoice tasks processed per hour doesn’t honor the user’s time zone [Accounts Payable add-on]. Time zone of client browser is used, ignoring the user’s time zone property setting.

  • AR38618 – Weekly and monthly routing reports behave differently than hourly reports. The weekly and monthly reports count the jobs finished outside the working hours, while hourly only shows the jobs finished during the working hours.


  • General: Connectors for DocuShare Flex are not intended for high volume / bulk document synchronization.

  • General: Connectors do not support copy/sync of custom class types; folders and documents only.

  • Connector for SFDC Lightning Essentials Edition is not supported.

  • Connector for DocuSign: An API-level subscription to DocuSign is required.

  • AR38287: Connector for QuickBooks Online (QBO): Changes to some QBO properties (e.g. Customer Name) are not synced to DocuShare Flex objects unless the document content is also updated on DocuShare Flex.

  • AR38291 – Connector for DocuSign: Special characters “&”, “<” and “>” entered in DocuShare Flex Create DocuSign Envelope Pop-up are not displayed correctly in the subject line of DocuSign.

  • AR38329: Connector for QuickBooks Online: If an invoice/estimate is deleted from QuickBooks, it is not deleted from DocuShare Flex.

  • AR38723: Connector for Box: Changing the name of the Box root folder on Box after Active Connection is established stops sync. This will require the connection in DocuShare Flex to be deleted and re-established.

  • AR38724: Connector for DocuSign: Envelopes in the DocuSign deleted folder or purge queue are incorrectly being synced to DocuShare Flex.

  • AR38727 – DocuShare Flex Connectors: After a Contributor user adds a connection to a connector destination, the initial sync doesn’t happen automatically. The status remains “Setting up your connector…”

  • AR38732: Connector for Box: A DocuShare Flex Folder or Document with the Title property containing a backward or forward slash is not synced to Box.

  • AR38741 – Connector for DocuSign: When a Folder name in DocuShare Flex is changed, the change is not reflected to DocuSign’s Envelope Name.

  • AR38758: Connector for DocuSign: After an envelope has been sent from DocuSign, the documents in DocuShare Flex are NOT locked as they should be.

  • AR38775 – Connector for DocuSign: Attachment is not synced from DocuShare Flex to DocuSign if a user clicks “Continue” in DocuSign before the document sync from Flex to DocuSign is completed.

  • AR38776 – DocuShare Flex Connectors: If a Flex folder contains a file type not allowed in DocuSign (e.g. .msg, .tif, .tiff, .xps, .wpd), the Connector status does not change to “Active Connection”. It remains stuck at “Setting up your connector…” however, all the allowed file types do get uploaded to DocuSign. (Workaround: Remove those file types not allowed in DocuSign and the connector status will change to “Active Connection”.) See also AR38777.

  • AR38777 – Connector for DocuSign: File types like “.msg, .tif, .tiff, .xps, .wpd ” are allowed in DocuShare Flex but not allowed in DocuSign.

  • AR38850: Connector for If a synced document is moved from the DocuShare Flex source hierarchy to outside that hierarchy (for connection types to sync files from DocuShare Flex to SFDC), then the corresponding document in Saleforce is not deleted as expected. (AR38978 and 38745) This is also an issue with the Connectors for Box and DocuSign.

  • AR38875: The Salesforce Enterprise account that used for testing and development has an API request limit of 16000 per 24 hour period. The default connector polling interval was changed to 10 seconds due to this limitation versus previously 1 second.

  • AR38994: Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents created on Box are not synced to DocuShare Flex.

  • AR38997: DocuShare Flex Connectors: If an older version of a synced document is set as the preferred version, no re-ordering of versions will be done in Salesforce or Box as that capability is not supported on those systems.


  • AR39250: DocuSign Connector – certificate.pdf generated is not translated.

  • AR39313: Webforms Form editor and Rule editor are not fully localized.

DocuShare Flex 2.0 Release Notes

DocuShare Flex 2.0 Release Notes

DocuShare Flex provides key features for content and business process management:

  • Folders for secure document management

  • Document capture from desktop scanners and Xerox multifunction printers

  • Document version control and collaboration

  • Document annotation and redaction

  • Full-text search

  • Task assignment, management, and escalation

  • User roles and defined access lists

What’s New in this Release

  • Capture feature enables scanning documents from TWAIN-compliant scanners and uploading documents to Flex folders for OCR processing and indexing.

  • Concurrent user licensing provides greater flexibility for user access to a site.

  • Content encryption protects your content by automatically encrypting documents when uploaded and unencrypting them only for users who have read access to the documents.

  • The Content Intake Manager enables the intake of scanned documents from third-party capture services to DocuShare Flex.

Fixes in the Release

  • AR Number SPAR Number Description

  • 36176 Users can log out without closing browser with session management enabled.

  • 37121 Cut action was removed from the selected action menu for the All Saved Searches and My Save Searches tabs.

  • 37231 User is now able to move or delete an OCR document while In Progress.

  • FIXED: “Please fill in the missing event” appears at top of the window, even after the user has provided content for the missing fields.

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