Board of Directors

Keith CozzaE
Chairman of the Board,
Xerox Corporation
President and Chief Executive Officer, Icahn Enterprises L.P.
John Visentin
Vice Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer,
Xerox Corporation
Gregory Q. BrownD, H
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
Motorola Solutions, Inc.
Joseph J. EchevarriaA, H
Former Chief Executive Officer,
Deloitte LLP
Nicholas GrazianoB, G
Portfolio Manager,
Icahn Capital
Cheryl Gordon KrongardC, F
Private investor and former Chief Executive Officer,
Rothschild Asset Management
A. Scott LetierD, F
Managing Director,
Deason Capital Services, LLC
Sara Martinez TuckerB, F
Retired Chief Executive Officer,
National Math and Science Initiative; former Under Secretary of Education in the U.S. Department of Education
Jonathan ChristodoroB, D, H
Private Investor
(not pictured)
A:Chairman of the Audit Committee
B:Member of the Audit Committee
C:Chairman of the Compensation Committee
D:Member of the Compensation Committee
E:Chairman of the Corporate Governance Committee
F:Member of the Corporate Governance Committee
G:Chairman of the Finance Committee
H:Member of the Finance Committee


John Visentin

Vice Chairman of the Board
Chief Executive Officer

Robert Birkenholz

Vice President

Kathleen S. Fanning

Vice President, Worldwide Tax

Michael D. Feldman

Executive Vice President
President, North America Operations

Darrell L. Ford

Executive Vice President
Chief Human Resources Officer

Xavier Heiss

Vice President

Sarah E. Hlavinka

Executive Vice President
General Counsel and
Corporate Secretary

Stephen P. Hoover

Senior Vice President
Chief Technology Officer

Yehia A. Maaty

Senior Vice President
Chief Delivery Officer

Joseph H. Mancini, Jr.

Vice President
Chief Accounting Officer

Farooq A. Muzaffar

Senior Vice President
Chief Strategy and
Marketing Officer

William F. Osbourn, Jr.

Executive Vice President
Chief Financial Officer

Hervé N. Tessler

Executive Vice President
President, International Operations

Douglas H. Marshall

Assistant Secretary