Our Partnership with Expedition Blue Planet: North America

Our Partnership with Expedition Blue Planet: North America

For more than 50 years, Xerox has been a leader in environmental sustainability. We implemented our first environmental program in the early 1960s, long before such things were common. We continue to receive awards and recognition for our environmental initiatives, innovations and accomplishments from a number of prominent sources.

It's with this tradition that Xerox proudly became a partner of Alexandra Cousteau's Blue Legacy and her Expedition Blue Planet: North America.

In the second year of the Expedition, Alexandra Cousteau and her team have set out on a 138-day, 14,500-mile journey across North America. They are exploring global water issues found right in our own backyard and are highlighting successful local efforts to restore watersheds and protect our most precious resource.

From July to November 2010, the Expedition Blue Planet: North America team is touring and working from a custom biodiesel tour bus that is serving as their headquarters, high-tech editing lab and broadcast suite. Along the way, the tour will stop in 15 to 18 communities to team up with organizations and host working days of awareness and action on local watershed projects.

See how the Expedition Blue Planet: North America team and Xerox are working together on more sustainable office practices

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Xerox is a natural partner

In selecting partnerships for her expedition, Alexandra Cousteau was impressed with Xerox's long-standing commitment to sustainability. She was particularly impressed with the Xerox® ColorQube™ 9200 series multifunction printer with solid ink printing technology and DocuShare™ content management solutions.

With the ColorQube 9200 series product, they'll reduce their carbon footprint by reducing paper and waste, and by printing on recycled stock.

Alexandra Cousteau noted, "Solid ink is a way to move printing and sustainability in the right direction." She understands the value of how solid ink is nontoxic, with no plastic cartridges or casings to be recycled or thrown away. She also appreciates how the ColorQube 9201/9202/9203 multifunction printer uses less energy and materials, and produces less consumer waste over the product life cycle when compared to laser printing.

By adding DocuShare software, her team will be able to scan, store, send and access information while reducing their use of paper and shipping resources.

The bottom line is that the ColorQube 9200 series enables Alexandra Cousteau and her team to spread the word about water issues in North America in a sustainable and affordable way.

We are all downstream

As Alexandra Cousteau is fond of saying, "We are all downstream from one another," and we at Xerox are pleased to help Expedition Blue Planet: North America communicate this message. Ms. Cousteau and her team have an incredible passion and commitment for our earth's water, and we are honored to support their efforts.

Video: See what Alexandra Cousteau had to say about sustainability at a recent lunch featuring Xerox customers.

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