Xerox History Timeline

Xerox History Timeline — 1990's

We at Xerox have been working in the document management industry for over a century. In that time, we've brought you many of the office items you take for granted at work every day. From the first xerographic image that was made in 1938 to our breakthroughs in home and business computing from the 1970s to today, we've been advancing business from day one.


Xerox History Timeline - Imaging Leadership Imaging Leadership
Xerox PARC builds an x-ray imager with amorphous silicon (a-Si), which will eventually create the company dpiX to market the world’s highest resolution active matrix LCD flat-panel display and filmless digital medical imaging system.

Xerox History Timeline - Environmental Program Environmental Program
We initiate the Environmental Leadership program to provide over-arching organization for the company’s resource conservation, waste reduction and design for environment initiatives.

Xerox History Timeline Quality Certification
Our Venray, Netherlands, manufacturing facility makes news by becoming the first non-British Xerox plant to receive the British Assurance Certification for commitment to quality.

Xerox History Timeline Customer Guarantee
We announce the Total Satisfaction Guarantee, our commitment to customer success through the highest quality in the design, manufacture and service of every product we sell.

Xerox History Timeline Australian Award
Rank Xerox Australia wins the Outstanding Service Quality Improvement Award of Australia.

Xerox History Timeline "Putting it Together"
The DocuTech Production Publisher—first in the DocuTech Series—launches with the "Putting it Together" ad campaign featuring the product’s advanced image capture, document manipulation and image quality.

Xerox History Timeline LambdaMOO
Xerox PARC creates LambdaMOO, one of the oldest real-time, multi-user online environments—a foundation for the Department of Defense’s collaborative computing systems and future Web-based business meeting tools.


Xerox History Timeline Recycled Cartridges, Paper
Demonstrating our commitment to sustainable business practices, we begin collecting and recycling copier cartridges, and introduce a recycled paper line made specifically for use with Xerox products.

Xerox History Timeline Earth Award
Our newly launched Earth Award program recognizes Xerox people worldwide for outstanding achievement in resource conservation, waste reduction and recycling, and community involvement.

Xerox History Timeline Printer Partnership
Xerox and Fuji Xerox form Xerox International Partners to market digital marking engines, desktop and workgroup printers, and digital copiers to original equipment manufacturers worldwide.


Xerox History Timeline Design for Environment
Our sustainability commitment includes a process for customers to return end-of-life products for remanufacture and reuse—diverting more than two billion pounds of potential waste from landfills to date.

Xerox History Timeline Ozone Protection
Our Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) Policy sets strict environmental standards by prohibiting ODS from all Xerox processes, products and services, including product packaging.

Xerox History Timeline Internet Advancements
Xerox PARC scientists co-found and implement the Mbone multicast backbone to deliver real-time Internet multimedia; co-found the Ipv6 Internet protocols; and help develop the HTTP-NG protocol based on Inter-language Unification (ILU).

Xerox History Timeline European Quality Award
Rank Xerox—a joint venture between Xerox Corporation and the Rank Organisation plc (UK)—wins the first European Quality Award from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).

Xerox History Timeline Environmental Achievement
Our corporate commitment to protecting the environment is recognized again—this time with the Gold Medal for International Corporate Environmental Achievement from the World Environment Center.


Xerox History Timeline Integrated Technologies
We announce a partnership with Microsoft to combine Microsoft At Work architecture with advanced Xerox document imaging technologies in a new family of fax machines, printers and digital copiers.

Xerox History Timeline Partners in Energy Efficiency
We join the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® Office Equipment program as a charter partner and help to create the program’s guidelines for developing energy-efficient products.

Xerox History Timeline Award-Winning Environmentalism
The company wins a Gold Medal for International Corporate Environmental Achievement from the World Environment Center, a nonprofit organization that advances sustainable development through business practices.

Xerox History Timeline Live Internet Streaming
Performing at Xerox PARC, the band Severe Tire Damage becomes the first musical group to broadcast live video and audio on the Internet, using the experimental Mbone (multicast backbone) for IP Multicast.

Xerox History Timeline Best of Brazil
Xerox do Brasil Ltda. wins the National Quality Award—the highest recognition of excellence in management for organizations established in Brazil—from Brazil’s National Quality Foundation.

Xerox History Timeline European R&D Hub
The Xerox Research Centre (now Xerox Research Centre Europe) opens in Grenoble, France, as the European branch of Xerox global research, dedicated to creating innovative document services and solutions.


Xerox History Timeline A Waste-Free Future
We initiate the company-wide Environmental Leadership Program with a commitment to produce waste-free products in waste-free factories to help our customers achieve their waste-free office goals.

Xerox History Timeline ENERGY STAR®
We help customers save money and protect the environment by launching products that meet the U.S. E.P.A. ENERGY STAR guidelines, established in 1992 to identify and promote energy-efficient products.

Xerox History Timeline Environmental Leadership
Our environmental conservation efforts help Xerox win the Environmental Achievement Award from the National Wildlife Federation, America’s largest conservation organization dedicated to protecting wildlife.

Xerox History Timeline The Document Company
A partially digitized red "X" makes its debut as the new corporate symbol in red—a change from blue—supported by a signature underscoring our leadership position: "The Document Company – Xerox"

Xerox History Timeline Awards for Quality
Our global company presence and strong commitment to quality shine as Rank Xerox Norway wins the first Norwegian Quality Award and Xerox Argentina wins Argentina’s first National Quality Award.


Xerox History Timeline Touch-Screen Technology
Anticipating the handheld device explosion of the following decade, Xerox PARC-developed technology that enables simple, single-stroke touch-screen input for palm-sized devices is patented.

Xerox History Timeline Rank Xerox Ownership
We pay the Rank Organisation plc nearly US$1 billion to increase Xerox’s financial stake in Rank Xerox—a joint venture formed in 1956 to manufacture and market our products in Europe—to about 80 percent.

Xerox History Timeline National Diversity Award
The Federal Glass Ceiling Commission, established to study barriers to executive advancement, gives Xerox its first Perkins-Dole National Award for Diversity and Excellence in American Executive Management.

Xerox History Timeline Opportunity 2000 Award
In addition to earning the Glass Ceiling Commission’s diversity honor, we receive the U.S. Department of Labor’s Opportunity 2000 Award for our record of promoting women and minorities into management.


Xerox History Timeline Eco-Approved Equipment
We introduce new copiers certified to Germany’s Blue Angel eco-label and become the first company licensed to use Canada’s Environmental Choices EcoLogo for office equipment.

Xerox History Timeline Olympic Recycling
Our Xerox Earth Crew implements a major, successful recycling program at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, giving millions of spectators, athletes and media the opportunity to recycle at every Olympic venue.


Xerox History Timeline Xerox Europe
We purchase the Rank Organisation’s remaining interest in Rank Xerox—our partnership formed in 1956 to manufacture and market equipment in Europe and later Asia—and rename the unit Xerox Europe.

Xerox History Timeline ISO 14001 Certification
All Xerox major manufacturing operations become ISO 14001 certified, a globally recognized environmental management system standard for organizations wishing to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Xerox History Timeline Toner Recycling
In a continuing effort to embrace sustainable practices across all aspects of our business, we engage consumers by establishing a waste toner program that reuses post-consumer waste toner for the first time.

Xerox History Timeline WasteWise
Underscoring our corporate sustainability commitment, we become a member of the U.S. E.P.A.'s WasteWise program, designed to promote the financial and environmental benefits of remanufacturing.

Xerox History Timeline Blue Laser
We become the first printing company to create a blue laser, which features a reduced wavelength that may ultimately allow much higher-resolution printing than possible with standard red and infrared lasers.

Xerox History Timeline Baldrige Award
Xerox Business Services wins the distinguished Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in the service category, the second Baldrige Award for Xerox Corporation.


Xerox History Timeline Retail Paper & Supplies
We align with the nation’s leading office product retailers—U.S. Office Products, Office Depot, Boise Cascade Office Products, Corporate Express and Staples—to offer Xerox paper and supplies.

Xerox History Timeline Document Centre Enhancement
We partner with IBM to announce a technology and marketing agreement that marries IBM's Lotus Notes and Domino electronic document management environment with the Xerox Document Centre family.

Xerox History Timeline 100 Best Companies
Working Mother magazine, which helps career-committed moms find balance between work and family, names Xerox one of its 100 Best Companies to work for and calls us "exceptionally progressive."


Xerox History Timeline Xerox Limited
Rank Xerox, a joint venture between Xerox Corporation (U.S.) and the Rank Organisation (U.K.), is renamed Xerox Limited as we purchase Rank's remaining interest in the partnership that originated in 1956.