We at Xerox have been working in the document management industry for over a century. In that time, we've brought you many of the office items you take for granted at work every day. From the first xerographic image that was made in 1938 to our breakthroughs in home and business computing from the 1970s to today, we've been advancing business from day one.


Xerox EHS
We formalize our environmental programs and sustainability commitment by creating the corporate Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) organization, before it was commonplace in American companies.

Data Storage
Optimem (later known as Cipher Data Products) commercializes non-erasable, magneto-optical storage device technologies developed initially at Xerox PARC to enable high-speed data access on our Alto PC.

Deming Prize
Fuji Xerox wins a Deming Prize—Japan's highest award for quality, created in 1950 to reward Japanese companies (and later, non-Japanese companies) for advances in quality improvement.


10 Series Copiers
Our breakthrough 10 Series copiers, using technology developed at Xerox PARC, become the industry’s first to use built-in microcomputers with a low-bandwidth Ethernet as the communications interface.

Optical Cable Networking
We operate the first optical cable-based local area network (LAN), which eventually enables commercial, fiber optic media for Ethernet, marketed through Synoptics (later acquired by Bay Networks, then Nortel Networks).

Energy-Efficient Copiers
We introduce the energy-saving power down mode in our copiers, an initiative that precedes the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® program by ten years.

Toner Studies
We launch voluntary health studies to examine the potential long-term health effects of exposure to toner. To date, our studies have shown no evidence of chronic health effects caused by toner exposure.


Large-Format Digital Printing
Short-run, large-format digital color printing hits the market with the introduction of the ECP-42 system, which is marketed to service bureaus and establishes the large-format digital printing industry.

a-Si Discovery
When a one-inch array of amorphous silicon (a-Si), thin-film transistors drives an ionographic printhead, the technology that will enable lower-cost multifunction machines, wide-format laser plotters and many other large-area electronic technologies is born.

CIMEI Quality Award
Our Venray manufacturing facility wins the CIMEI Quality Award in the Netherlands.

Total Quality Process
Leadership Through Quality, the Xerox total quality process, is announced, lending direction and perspective to our company-wide quest for business excellence and customer satisfaction.


British Quality Award
Rank Xerox wins its first British Quality Award for quality and customer service achievements at its Mitcheldean, England facility.


Environmental Assessment
We voluntarily assess Xerox sites worldwide for soil and groundwater contamination and initiate a remediation program with a goal to complete clean-up activities on 90 percent of the sites by 2008.


Foreseeing the tremendous growth and utility of the Internet, we register www.xerox.com—the seventh ".com" top-level domain name to be registered with the Department of Defense.

Dual-Beam Laser Printing
Xerox PARC develops the world's first dual-beam lasers, which print twice as fast as single beams and become a key enabler for high-speed, high-resolution production printing systems.

British Quality Award
Rank Xerox wins its second British Quality Award—the top UK honor for quality in production and business—for achievements at the Welwyn Garden City, England facility.


Collaborative Innovation
"CoLab," a Xerox PARC conference room, helps inspire document-based collaboration products for local and remote colleagues with its shared and private-screen viewing support and 36-inch, million-pixel interactive touchscreen.

French Quality Award
The Rank Xerox operation near Lille, France wins a French Quality Award.

Computer Text Standard
Xerox PARC designs a 16-bit coding system to represent any world script in any combination with a single encoding, which leads to the ISO/IEC 10646 and corresponding Unicode industry standard for representing text.


Copier Milestone
Our two-millionth copier rolls off the production line, a testament to Xerox’s worldwide market presence, history of innovation and commitment to customer success.

"Ubiquitous Computing"
Xerox PARC envisions seamless mobile-device “ubiquitous computing” by inventing and building the palm-sized PARCTab, notebook-sized PARCPad, lightweight document reader and precursor to wireless infrastructure.

Baldrige Award
Xerox Business Products and Systems wins the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, a prestigious award program for performance excellence administered through the U.S. Department of Commerce.

50 Series for 50 Years
Fifty years after Chester Carlson produced the first xerographic image in his Astoria, Queens, New York lab, our 50 Series copiers launch to recognize his game-changing achievement.


Russian Copy Center
Our joint venture with a division of Soviet State Publishing results in the Soviet Union’s first public copy center.

Canadian Quality Award
Xerox Canada wins a Gold Canada Award for Excellence in the Quality category from the National Quality Institute.