Xerox History Timeline

Xerox History Timeline — 1960's

We at Xerox have been working in the document management industry for over a century. In that time, we've brought you many of the office items you take for granted at work every day. From the first xerographic image that was made in 1938 to our breakthroughs in home and business computing from the 1970s to today, we've been advancing business from day one.


Xerox History Timeline - Xerox Corporation Xerox Corporation
Reflecting the company's focus on xerographic products and services, Haloid Xerox Inc. changes its name to Xerox Corporation on April 18.

Xerox History Timeline - NYSE Listing NYSE Listing
Our common stock (XRX) is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on July 11, with 7,700 shares changing hands that day and a closing price of $104 per share.


Xerox History Timeline - Fuji Xerox Fuji Xerox
Rank Xerox Limited and Japanese photographic firm Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd. form a joint venture—Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd.—to distribute Rank Xerox products, later gaining significant R&D responsibilities.


Xerox History Timeline - Manufacturing Plant Manufacturing Plant
Rank Xerox, a joint venture between Xerox Corporation (U.S.) and the Rank Organisation (U.K.), opens a manufacturing operation in Venray, the Netherlands.


Xerox History Timeline - Resource Recovery Resource Recovery
We begin recovering metals from used photoreceptor drums for use in new products, improving the reuse of natural resources and lowering the amount of hazardous heavy metals bought, handled and processed.


Xerox History Timeline - Chester Carlson Chester Carlson
The Seattle-born inventor who developed the xerographic process (originally termed electrophotography) in his Astoria, Queens, New York City lab in 1938 dies on September 19 at age 62.


Xerox History Timeline - Energy-Saving Copiers Energy-Saving Copiers
Our commitment to sustainability begins by introducing copiers with energy saving standards—the first of many initiatives and innovations we’ll produce to protect the environment and preserve natural resources.