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Xerox iLease - Its as easy as….1 2 3

Xerox Finance iLease is a simple and easy online credit approval tool which will allow you to raise a credit request, check the status and access your companies activities all at the touch of a button. Its as easy as 1-2-3

Xerox iLease has been developed with you, our customer in mind.

A combination of innovative funding solutions and reliable service at the click of a mouse will open doors to new clients and present an opportunity to upgrade existing ones.

Xerox iLease is a simple and easy to use online tool meeting all you lease deal processing requirements. Xerox iLease gives fast credit approval and tailored payment schemes at the click of a mouse.

Xerox iLease empowers you to produce a quote, obtain approval and even have contracts signed 24/7 and from anywhere in the world!


  • Easy access: manage your clients online 24/7
  • Speed up sales: fast turnaround of credit applications maintains sales momentum
  • Close deals within 24 hours
  • Get paid faster on your deal
  • Automated credit decisions – Xerox Ilease works with a number of credit agencies enabling it to, in some cases, give immediate credit approval
  • Status review- Real time status of all deals
  • Improved sales management – Administrators will be able to view all deals at sales executive and customer level.
  • Lease calculation tool-Create various payment profiles to help in the prospecting process


Step 1 - Pre-Credit
By “pre-credit” approving your prospects early on in the selling process you have the peace of mind of knowing all you need to do is focus on closing the deal. Creating and submitting a deal for pre-credit approval can take as little as 2 minutes!
Step 2 - Deal Construction
“Deal construction” enables you to submit a lease application for final approval. Where there is a valid pre-credit approval this will be immediately accepted. In all other cases the application will be sent through the credit approval process.
Step 3 - Deal Completion
“Deal completion” provides, electronically, the final completed documentation for your customer to sign in order to complete the deal. Print-off or even email branded lease documentation for your customer to sign.

  • Input customer details
  • Input deal amount and term
  • Submit for credit approval
  • Receive electronic pre-credit approval notification •
  • Approvals valid for 90 days.
  • Auto-lookup of Xerox products
  • Enter all lease details (contract type, amount and term)
  • Submit deal online
  • Immediate deal acceptance (where there is a valid pre-credit approval)
  • Deal submitted to credit (all other cases).
  • Complete documentation in electronic format
  • Ability to brand Lease documentation with your company logo
  • Submit for credit approval
  • Complete documentation with all deal details completed ready for customer to sign.

Contact Information:

For further information on how to use iLease, please contact:
UK iLease administrator
01895 843302