Production Printers and Copiers

Select a Xerox high performance printer or copier to see detailed Section 508 product compliance information.

Color Digital Presses
ProductCompliance Status
Xerox® Color 800i/1000i PressesCompliant
Xerox® Color 800/1000 PressesCompliant
Xerox® Color C60/C70Compliant
Xerox® Versant® 80 PressCompliant
Xerox® Versant® 180 PressCompliant with minor exceptions
Xerox® Versant® 2100 PressCompliant
Xerox® Versant® 3100 PressCompliant with minor exceptions
Xerox® iGen5® PressCompliant
Xerox iGen4™ PressCompliant with minor exceptions

Continuous Feed Printers
ProductCompliance Status
Xerox® Rialto™ 900 Inkjet PressCompliant

Production Copier/Printers
ProductCompliance Status
Xerox D95/D110/D125 Copier/PrinterCompliant with minor exceptions
Xerox D136 Copier/PrinterCompliant with minor exceptions

ProductCompliance Status
C.P. Bourg BB3202 Perfect BinderCompliant with minor exceptions