Letter to Shareholders

Dear Fellow Shareholders,

This report is filled with numbers. In our big data world, numbers speak volumes about results. They influence your investment decisions and they influence the way we run our business. I’m an engineer by training and lead with a strong passion for our brand and an obsession with the numbers that indicate our progress. We’re a company going through considerable change at a time when economies are uncertain, the markets we serve are shifting and our "always on" connected world requires a faster pace and a more competitive edge to win.

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Shareholder Letter

Innovation at Work

Today’s Xerox is a company that was built on innovation. It defines and differentiates us. Every year, the Xerox group, which includes our partnership with Fuji Xerox, invests well over a billion dollars to discover new ways to make our customers more successful.

Delivering Better Patient Care

Observation: Nurses spend a tremendous amount of time compiling patient data from multiple sources.
Insight: Consolidating and simplifying processes gives nurses better insights so they can spend more time on patient care.

Xerox Innovation:

Creation of a digital dashboard that:

  • Delivers a real-time view of patient status so they can make better healthcare decisions.
  • Automatically aggregates data from electronic medical records, medical testing devices (X-rays, EKGs, MRIs) and more.
  • Mobilizes the information (on mobile devices or rolling carts) for access wherever the patient goes.