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Xerox Remote Print Services

Automated Meter Reads and Actionable Supplies Management

Xerox Remote Print Services provides a modernized and cost effective print environment. Xerox Remote Print Services provides:

Automated Meter Reads - Automates the meter reading and submission process, eliminating the manual steps involved in collecting and reporting meter reads and ensuring accurate invoices.

Actionable Supplies Management - A simple, automated way of estimating when toner and ink will be required.

Device Snapshots - Monitor and manage your networked printers using the Xerox® Device Agent Dashboard.

Easy to Get Started
  • Download Xerox Device Agent (Xerox® Device Agent) to take advantage of many features such as Xerox® Device Agent useful Client dashboard to view all your printing devices, auto-reconnection, auto-discovery, configuration of your own alerts, pop-ups and emails. Check if your product is Xerox® Device Agent supported and once confirmed, start the free download.
  • Xerox Remote Print Services is available via Device Direct as a standard feature on most of Xerox's newest products — no additional software is required. All you need is a connection for your Xerox product to the external network. See the complete list of products supported by Device Direct.
  • Once connection is established via Xerox® Device Agent or Device Direct, work in conjunction with your Xerox Partner in order to benefit from the advantages.
System Requirements
Xerox® Device Agent is designed to be installed only on specific computers running the Windows operating systems defined below. Please check with your Network Administrator if you are unsure whether your computer meets these requirements.

Operating System: (32- and 64-bit)Windows® XP with Service Pack 3
Windows Server® 2003 with Service Pack 2
Windows Server® 2008 with Service Pack 1 and 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1
Windows® 7 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate
Windows Vista® with Service Pack 2 Ultimate, Business, and Enterprise
Windows Server® 2012
Windows® 8, Windows® 8 Pro, Windows® Enterprise
Memory512 MB RAM (1GB Recommended) for Windows® XP and Windows Server® 2003
1GB RAM (1.5 GB Recommended) for Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, and Windows® 8, and Windows Server® 2008, 2008 R2, 2012
Processor 1.7 GHz processor or better
Hard DiskMinimum free space is approximately 100 MB for the application and up to 500 MB for the Microsoft®.NET framework, if not previously installed.
Minimum Resolution 1024x768
Permissions You must install the application software on the client computer using the administrative account or an account with administrative privileges.
Internet connectionRequired
  1. We recommend that you update your host computers with the latest critical patches and service releases from Microsoft Corporation.
  2. The Network Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) must be loaded and operational.
  3. Requires SNMP-enabled devices and the ability to route SNMP over the network. It is not required to enable SNMP on the computer where Xerox® Device Agent will be installed or any other network computers.
  4. You must install Microsoft®.NET 3.5 with Service Pack 1 before you install the application.
  5. The application should not be installed on a PC where other SNMP-based applications or other Xerox printer management tools are installed, since they may interfere with each other’s’ operation.