Xerox - MeterAssistant Supported Products

Products supported by Remote Print Services

The following is a list of devices that support automatic meter reads and automatic supplies replenishment.

Xerox Device Agent (XDA-Lite) is a free software download. Xerox Device Direct functionality is embedded in the device.

Xerox® AltaLink®
ProductXDA-LiteDevice DirectAuto Supplies
Xerox® AltaLink® C8030, C8035, C8045, C8055, C8070YYY
Xerox® AltaLink® B8045, B8055, B8065, B8075, C8090YYY

Xerox® VersaLink®
ProductXDA-LiteDevice DirectAuto Supplies
Xerox® VersaLink® C405 Color Multifunction Printer / VLC405YYY
Xerox® VersaLink® C400 Color Printer / VLC400YYY
Xerox® VersaLink® C500, C600, C505, C605YYY
Xerox® VersaLink® C7000, C7020, C7025, C7030YYY
Xerox® VersaLink® C8000 / C9000 YYY
Xerox® VersaLink® B405 Color Multifunction Printer / VLB405YYY
Xerox® VersaLink® B400 Color Printer / VLB400YYY
Xerox® VersaLink® B7025, B7030, B7035YYY

ProductXDA-LiteDevice DirectAuto Supplies
WorkCentre C2128/C2636/C3545v.1.04.520NY
WorkCentre C2424YNN
WorkCentre M20/M20iv.3.1NN
WorkCentre M118/M118iYNN
WorkCentre 32/40YNY
WorkCentre 35/45/55YNY
WorkCentre 5845/5855/5865/5875/5890YYY
WorkCentre 65/75/90YNN
WorkCentre 7125YYY
WorkCentre 7220/7225YYY
Workcentre 7830/7835/7845/7855YYY
WorkCentre 123/128YNN
WorkCentre 165/175YNY
WorkCentre C226600N03253NN
WorkCentre 232/238Y12.60.22.005Y
WorkCentre 245/255Y13.60.22.005Y
WorkCentre 265/275Y14.60.22.005Y
WorkCentre 3025/3215/3225YNN
WorkCentre 3020/3052/3060YNN
WorkCentre 3220YNN
WorkCentre 3315YNY
WorkCentre 3325YNY
WorkCentre 3335/3345YYY
WorkCentre 3550YYY
WorkCentre 3615YYY
WorkCentre 3655YYY
WorkCentre 4118YNN
WorkCentre 4150YNN
WorkCentre 4250/4260YYY
WorkCentre 4265YYY
WorkCentre 5020/5021NNN
WorkCentre 5022/5024NNN
WorkCentre 5030/5050YNN
WorkCentre 5135/5150YYY
WorkCentre 5220/5222/5225/5230Y1.207.2 (mono)
1.227.2 (color)
Workcentre 5320/5322/5325/5330/5335YYY
WorkCentre 5632/5638/5645/5655Y25.54.33.000Y
WorkCentre 5665/5675/5687Y21.120.32.000Y
WorkCentre 5735/5740/5745/5755YYY
WorkCentre 5765/5775/5790YYY
WorkCentre 5945/5955YYY
WorkCentre 6400YYN
WorkCentre 6515YYY
WorkCentre 6605MFPYYY
WorkCentre 6655MFPYYY
WorkCentre 7120YYY
WorkCentre 7132YNY
WorkCentre 7228/7235/7245YNY
WorkCentre 7232/7242Y1.207.2Y
WorkCentre 7328/7335/7345/7346Y1.237.2Y
WorkCentre 7346Y1.224.1Y
WorkCentre 7425/7428/7435Y74.1.3Y
WorkCentre 7525/7530/7535/7545/7556YYY
WorkCentre 7655/7665/7675Y40.033.52.800Y
WorkCentre 7755/7765/7775YYY
WorkCentre 7970NYY

ProductXDA-LiteDevice DirectAuto Supplies
ColorQube 8570/8870YNY
ColorQube 8580/8880YNN
ColorQube 8700YYY
ColorQube 8900YYY
ColorQube 9201/9202/9203YYY
Colorqube 9301/9302/9303YYY

ProductXDA-LiteDevice DirectAuto Supplies
Phaser 3300YNN
Phaser 3320YNY
Phaser 3330YYY
Phaser 3435YNY
Phaser 3450YNN
Phaser 3500YNN
Phaser 3600/3635YNY
Phaser 3610YYY
Phaser 4500/4510YNY
Phaser 4600/4620/4622YYY
Phaser 5400YNN
Phaser 5500/5550YNY
Phaser 6128MFPYNY
Phaser 6130YNY
Phaser 6180/6180MFPYNY
Phaser 6280YNY
Phaser 6360YNN
Phaser 6500/6505YNN
Phaser 6510YYY
Phaser 6600YYY
Phaser 6700YYY
Phaser 7100YYY
Phaser 7400YNN
Phaser 7500YNN
Phaser 7750/7760YNY
Phaser 7800YYY
Phaser 8500/8550, 8560/8560MFP, 8860/8860MFPYNN

ProductXDA-LiteDevice DirectAuto Supplies
DocuTech 128/155/180 HLCNYN
D95/95A C/PYYN
D110/125 C/PYYN
D110/125 PrinterYNN
DocuColor 240/250v.1.231.16NN
DocuColor 242/252/260YNN
iGen 3NYN
iGen 4NYN
iGen 150NYN
Nuvera 200/288NYN
Nuvera 100/120/144NYN
Xerox 4112/4127 Copier/PrinterNYN
Xerox 4112/4127 Enterprise Printing SystemNYN
Xerox Colour C75/J75YYN
Xerox C60/70YYY
Xerox Colour 550/560YYY
Xerox Colour 570YYY
Xerox Colour 800/1000 PressesNYN
Xerox D136 Copier/PrinterYYN
Xerox D136 Printer w. FFPSYNN
Xerox 700 DCPYNN
Xerox 700 DCP w. FFPSNNN
Xerox 700 DCP w. EFI integratedYNN
Xerox 700 DCP w. EFI standaloneNNN
Xerox 700 DCP w. CreoNNN
Xerox 700i DCPYNN
Xerox 700i DCP w. FFPSYNN
Xerox 700i DCP w. EFI integratedYNN
Xerox 700i DCP w. EFI standaloneYNN
Xerox 700i DCP w. CreoYNN
Xerox 770 DCPYNN
Xerox 770 DCP w. FFPSYNN
Xerox 770 DCP w. EFIYNN
Xerox 8250 CFNYN
Versant 80YYN
Versant 180YYN
Versant 2100YYN
Versant 3100YYN

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