Motor Vehicle Safety

With our service technicians and sales representatives depending on their vehicles to get their jobs done, motor vehicle safety is a key component of our safety initiatives. Xerox provides employees with comprehensive driver training and annual reviews of their driving records. Company vehicles have safety features such as daytime running lights and safety barriers between the driver’s seat and storage areas. Additionally, all new service vehicles come with hands-free Bluetooth cell phone capability.


Musculoskeletal disorders represent about half of our work-related injuries and illnesses. That’s why Xerox has taken significant steps to reduce workers’ compensation claims attributable to musculoskeletal disorders. After a 43% decline in rates from 1992 to 2006, rates increased 15% in 2007 from the previous year. Xerox has put in place a new ergonomic training program that specifically addresses our aging workforce to reverse this trend. The training is designed to provide simple ergonomic strategies, as well as awareness of the normal aging process to reduce personal risk to employees.

The company’s health and safety organization develops and promotes these ergonomic assessments and tools:

  • Office: Self-evaluation program; design requirements that include adjustable chairs and keyboard trays.
  • Manufacturing: Nearly every workstation in Xerox facilities worldwide has been evaluated for ergonomic hazards. Ergonomically designed tools such as tilt tables, lifts and hoists make it easier for employees to maneuver parts and equipment during assembly.
  • Service: Periodic reviews of service technicians’ tools ensure they are designed with ergonomics in mind. Tools posing an unacceptable safety risk are replaced.
  • Product Design: To identify and eliminate potential safety hazards, ergonomics are integrated into the design of new products.

Emergency Preparedness

Xerox’s emergency preparedness and response program helps protect the safety of Xerox employees, their surrounding communities and the environment. It requires all Xerox operations worldwide to develop documented plans for responding to fires, chemical releases, natural disasters and other potential incidents. Mandatory management reviews, scheduled routinely, as well as drills and corporate audits, verify that plans will be effective in protecting our people and our business during emergencies. Click here to learn more about our Business Continuity programs.