Creating a Healthy Work Environment

A critical component of our benefits strategy is managing active healthcare. It is based on the idea that the key to managing healthcare costs is for employees to take an active role in decisions about their health and the healthcare services they receive. These include assessing their healthcare needs throughout the year, staying well, following a healthy lifestyle and getting care when they need it.

The health and wellness of our people are paramount to boosting their productivity and reducing overall healthcare costs.

U.S. programs that encourage and foster healthy lifestyles and safety at work include:

  • On-site fitness centers in six Xerox locations.
  • Health screenings such as blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as flu shots.
  • Lunchtime seminars on health and wellness.
  • Self-directed health promotion programs such as the annual Eat Well Live Well program (organized teams of employees wear pedometers to monitor and increase the number of steps they take each day).
  • On-site massage therapy.
  • Recreation leagues and group fitness classes.
  • Smoking cessation programs.
  • On-site weight management programs.
  • Office ergonomic screenings.

Global programs include some of the activities above and:

  • Self-directed health promotion programs.
  • Health Risk Assessment and subsequent free health coaching if needed.
  • Online self-directed behavior-change programs.
  • Monthly electronic health tips and a health and wellness Web site.
  • Monthly health education bulletin board materials.
  • New and expectant mother support and resources.