Employee Engagement

Xerox administers an employee survey on a regular basis that is designed to help the company understand our employees’ views of the work environment and areas of opportunity. Our last survey was administered in April 2007. Here are some key facts about the most recent survey:

  • It was made available worldwide – 41 countries, 16 languages.
  • It was administered online by a third-party vendor to ensure anonymity.
  • 68 questions covered 15 categories.
  • It produced more than 25,000 write-in comments.
  • Results were shared with managers for action planning and were rolled up to business unit heads, senior management, and to our CEO.

The 82% employee response rate remains very high. Yet, we didn’t stop with the numbers. We used our own categorizing technology, developed at the Xerox Research Centre of Europe, to help process more than 25,000 comments and identify the major concerns and trends.

Favorable responses were higher than responses from the previous survey cycle. Results from the following areas placed Xerox in the 98th to 99th percentile for comparative companies:

  • Communication (99)
  • Manager-employee relationship (99)
  • Job itself (98)
  • Work/life balance (98)

Employees told us they are proud to work for Xerox and that they care deeply about the company, their work, each other and our customers. Survey results also indicated a four-point gain overall for the last three years in employees’ view that Xerox behaves responsibly as a corporate citizen.

There are also some areas that need improvement. Employees are concerned, for example, that bureaucracy gets in the way of their work (only 37% favorable regarding doing a good job of minimizing or eliminating bureaucracy). They have told us management needs to be more focused on reducing complexity and increasing effectiveness.

Job security remains a concern (52%, 15th percentile – up three points but low compared with peer companies). And our employees believe we can improve on total pay (50%, 26th percentile – up two points but low compared with peers). As we increase our focus on these areas, they have been improving and we continue to assess new ways to deliver total value to our employees.