Success Is a Journey

By almost any measure, we continue to make significant strides toward our goals in all of the five areas we’ve identified for corporate citizenship. And as good as our progress has been, we will continue to reset the bar for the future. That’s because, for matters as important as these, there simply is no ultimate attainment, only continual improvement.

Activity 2006 2007 Highlights

Conducting Our Business with Integrity

Total number of cases investigated by our Ethics Office.



Xerox Ethics Hotline encourages reports and questions regarding ethical behavior.

Amount of spend with minority suppliers.

  • $147 million with minority suppliers.
  • $179 million with women-owned businesses.
  • $131 million dollars with minority suppliers.
  • $191 million with women-owned businesses.

Total spending with minority- and women-owned businesses represented 31.2% of Xerox’s annual qualified purchases. About 1,000 suppliers benefited from these purchases.

Aligning Resources around Customer Needs

Broadened product portfolio: product launches.



Xerox offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of document technology and services; 26 more products launched through September 2008.

Number of patents awarded to Xerox group; includes Fuji Xerox.



Xerox invests about 5–6% of revenue in research, development and engineering and holds more than 15,000 active patents worldwide. In 2007, Xerox was awarded the National Medal of Technology, recognizing our outstanding contributions to the U.S.’s economic, environmental and social well-being through technology products, processes and concepts; technological innovation; and development of the nation’s technological manpower.

Customer service.

J.D. Power and Associates certification for excellence.

For the third year in a row, Xerox has been certified by the J.D. Power and Associates program for Certified Technology Service and Support.

Xerox is the first document management company to receive excellence certification for quality technical support three years in a row.

Nurturing a Greener World through Sustainable Innovation and Development

Environmental management.

  • All manufacturing facilities certified to ISO 14001.
  • Three facilities named to U.S. EPA National Environmental Performance Track.
  • All manufacturing facilities certified to ISO 14001.
  • Two facilities named members of U.S. EPA National Environmental Performance Track, bringing total to five.

As of 2007, all of Xerox’s major U.S. facilities are National Environmental Performance Track sites, validating environmental performance beyond regulatory compliance. Xerox named a National Performance Track Corporate Leader in 2008.

Recycle rate (non-hazardous solid waste).

91%, unchanged from 2005.

92%, up 1% from 2006.

Xerox’s waste-free initiatives invoke the 3Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle – to avoid or divert millions of pounds of waste from landfills each year.

Water consumption.

Down 3% from 2005.

Up 2% from 2006.

The environmental impacts of water use are monitored and managed throughout our worldwide operations.

Energy consumption.

Down 13% from 2005.

Down 2% from 2006.

Energy consumption down 19% from 2002 due to our Energy Challenge 2012 program.

Greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Down 11% from 2005.
  • Down 18% from 2002.
  • Down 5% from 2006.
  • Down 21% from 2002.

Greenhouse gas emissions down 21% from 2002, the result of improved energy efficiency, new technologies and improved energy management practices.

Products launched achieving the ENERGY STAR® rating (eligible products).

100%, unchanged from 2005.

80%, down 20% from 2006 due to new ENERGY STAR specification.

Xerox is a charter partner of the U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR program. Products that meet the 2007 ENERGY STAR standard are on average 30% more energy efficient than previous models.

Waste diverted from landfills through equipment and supplies return, reuse and recycling programs.

2 billion pounds since 1991.

2.1 billion pounds since 1991.

Xerox launched its reuse and recycle program in 1994, setting the standard for the industry.

Strengthening Our Competitiveness by Creating a Great Workplace for Our People

Employee Engagement Survey – favorable response rate to the question: Taking everything into account, how satisfied are you with Xerox as a place to work?



82% participation rate in employee engagement survey; managers required to develop action plans to improve workgroup satisfaction.

Employee Engagement Survey – favorable response rate to the question:Would you recommend Xerox as a good place to work?



  • Xerox Germany named “Top Employer in Germany 2008” by the Corporate Research Foundation (CRF) and the Munich Geva Institut
  • Xerox Spain featured in Actualidad Económica magazine, “The Best Companies to Work With” – ranking 89th out of 142 companies

Diversity – percentage of women employees.



Xerox named Top Companies for Executive Women by National Association For Female Executives (NAFE).

Diversity – percentage of minority employees.



  • Xerox named in Top Best Companies for Asian Pacific Americans by Asian Enterprise Magazine
  • Best Place to Work for GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered) employees – 100% index score on Human Rights Campaign
  • The American Association for Affirmative Action awarded Xerox the Champion of Diversity Award

Employee injury rates: Total Recordable Incident (TRI) rate.

  • Down 2% from 2005.
  • Down 53% from 1996.
  • Down 13% from 2006.
  • Down 59% from 1996.

Xerox’s Zero Injury program focuses on workplace safety in any Xerox setting and includes ergonomic assessments of offices, labs and manufacturing plants.

Employee injury rates: Day Away From Work (DAFW) case rate.

  • Down 2% from 2005.
  • Down 49% from 1996.
  • Down 11% from 2006.
  • Down 54% from 1996.


Leveraging Our Resources to Make Our World Better

Xerox Foundation giving – total.

$12 million

$12.5 million

  • Xerox committed $2 million to the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Golisano Institute for Sustainability, which will provide programs that embrace the principles of sustainability in product development
  • The Xerox University Affairs Committee made 42 grants to 33 university science programs

Xerox Community Involvement Program (XCIP) – number of U.S. employees who participated in community activities.

U.S. – 9,303

U.S. – 9,075

In addition to the XCIP, Xerox science consultants volunteer in elementary schools to present real-life science lessons.The program celebrated its 40th anniversary this year and has served more than 20,000 students.