Waste Prevention and Management

Our waste-free commitment is to produce waste-free products in waste-free facilities that promote waste-free customer workplaces. Our aim is to design products, packaging and supplies that make efficient use of resources, minimize waste, reuse material where feasible and recycle what can’t be reused. To meet this commitment, Xerox has put in place several programs:

  • Xerox’s Green World Alliance program provides a collection and reuse/recycling program for spent imaging supplies.
  • Xerox’s Product Takeback and Recycling program manages equipment at end of life.
  • Xerox facilities manage their operations to our waste-free commitment as described in the Environmental Performance in Xerox Facilities section of this report beginning on page 38.
  • Xerox is investing in waste-free technologies. Our solid ink imaging process utilizes compact, “cartridge-free” solid ink sticks with no plastic housings or casings, thereby reducing office waste by up to 90% compared with comparable color laser products.

Xerox Green World Alliance

The Xerox Green World Alliance reuse/recycle program for imaging supplies is central to our commitment to waste-free products. This partnership with Xerox customers has resulted in more than 1.9 million cartridges and toner containers being returned in 2007. Xerox processed 1.2 million pounds of post-consumer waste toner for reuse, and the plastic bottles customers used to return waste toner to Xerox – nearly 100,000 of them – have been recycled. The annual change in the volume of returned supplies for recycling reflects primarily a change in technology and product mix.