Employee and Community Affairs

An additional 14% of our grants went to the areas of employee and community affairs which include organizations such as the Inner City Foundation for Charity, Volunteer Legal Services (located in Rochester, N.Y., Chicago, IL., and New York, N.Y.), Junior Achievement and Habitat for Humanity.

Under the umbrella of employee and community affairs, the Foundation manages two employee volunteer programs:

Social Service Leave enables a select group of employees to volunteer full-time and at full pay. In 2007, six employees participated in the leave program. The projects they supported included helping improve the administrative processes at an adoption agency, creating an online database for an agency that helps mentally ill people become self-sufficient, and helping a cancer support organization to improve its financial resources through fundraising. Over $500,000 was spent on the Social Service Leave Program in 2007.

The Xerox Community Involvement Program marries the voluntary spirit of our people with Xerox funding to participate in the betterment of the communities where we work and live. In 2007, the Foundation invested approximately $900,000 in the program, and 9,075 Xerox people participated in 575 projects.

In addition, Xerox people give their time and talent to encourage the next generation of scientists and engineers by mentoring teams of students who compete in the FIRST robotics program. For 40 years, Xerox people have volunteered at elementary schools to teach classes that show the “gee whiz” creativity of science and technology through the Xerox Science Consultants Program. The company also sponsors an invention competition for elementary school students that celebrates the ingenuity of children’s innovative spirit. More than 2,000 students are touched by this effort each year.

Xerox volunteers worked with Gerhardt Ministry Center to rebuild a dilapidated building in Rochester, N.Y. After volunteering hours of personal weekend and evening time, workers transformed the inner-city building into a vocational center for youth offering counseling and career training programs.

Xerox Canada supports Imagine Canada as a Caring Company, and through its commitment, gave back 5% of its pre-tax profits to support charitable organizations. Xerox Canada encourages employees to participate in their community by granting a day off from work annually to volunteer with local non-profit organizations.

In Poland, through the “Xerox – Better Start!” program, students from 18 to 23 years of age team up with Xerox employees to learn first-hand about working at a large global company. The students, who are orphans and/or physically handicapped, gain on-the-job experience from their Xerox mentors and leave the program with the skills necessary to begin their professional careers. In return, Xerox is able to identify talented, future employees.

Xerox Ireland worked with the “Supporting Immigrants Seeking Employment Initiative” to provide 26 weeks of work experience for Nigerian immigrants. The immigrants worked in the print production office and walked away from the experience having gained a full salary, subsidized both by the Irish government and Xerox, and valuable work experience necessary to secure residency status.