Anne M Mulcahy - Guided by a commitment to corporate citizenship that is deep-seated and long-standing, we believe our actions ensure a just, sustainable future. This report represents those actions and, through the wide lens of citizenship, assesses how we’re doing. We invite you to look inside and see for yourself.

Dear Stakeholders:

One of the hallmarks of our citizenship efforts at Xerox is that they are strategic, enduring and substantive. We implement them not for headlines, but to make headway in our continuous journey to create value for all our stakeholders – our customers who trust us to help them be more productive and successful; our shareholders who rely on us to give them a good return on their investment; our employees who count on us to provide a great work environment in which they can contribute and grow; and our communities who expect us to partner with them to leave our world a little better than we found it.

We believe that the expectations of all our stakeholders can be met and that they are, in fact, intertwined. As we like to put it, good citizenship and good business are not only compatible but synergistic. That belief is deeply rooted in our core values and corporate culture. If there is even a whiff in the air that implies our citizenship efforts are done for expediency, image or to gain a transitory advantage, I hear about it from our employees. Xerox people are about substance, not sizzle. They wouldn’t have it any other way and neither would I.