Supplier Relations

Performance and Reviews

Xerox's Global Purchasing organization routinely tracks and reports on current and potential suppliers for adherence to our requirements. On-site reviews are held regularly with our key suppliers. This provides a forum to discuss our business relationships and to define and refine the metrics for Xerox and the supplier performance evaluations.

Xerox requires all production suppliers to complete an assessment of their quality management system prior to being added to the Approved Vendors List (AVL), which includes about 1,500 active suppliers. Our vendors use the Xerox Multinational Supplier Assessment, which is equivalent to the ISO 9000, but was implemented 10 years earlier.

Before potential primary suppliers are permitted to do business with us, we make on-site visits. Once they are added to our AVL, we conduct on-site reviews every one to three years, depending on the scope of our relationship with them. About 90% of our spending for the manufacturing of Xerox products comes from 50 global suppliers. These suppliers are assessed regularly to measure compliance with Xerox standards. As of 2007, more than 90% of these suppliers have been assessed for compliance to Xerox standards.

As with any relationship-based engagement, face-to-face communication is critical to building trust, respect and credibility. With more and more of Xerox's suppliers now located in Asia, we developed a stronger Xerox purchasing presence in this region, enabling more direct interaction between Xerox buyers and suppliers. Over the last two years, Xerox has transferred the vast majority of its production purchasing operation to the Asia-Pacific area, and now has Xerox Global Purchasing representatives in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan and India. These purchasing professionals conduct frequent on-site reviews to assess the quality, cost and delivery of the vendor's products and ensure the business is run with the highest ethical standards. Through the Web site,, vendors and potential vendors can learn about the latest procurement initiatives and find information on supplier diversity, procurement policies, supplier quality assurance and supplier ethics.

Consistent with our comprehensive environmental sustainability initiatives, Xerox has specific guidelines for our paper suppliers and for the use of chemicals in our equipment and supplies. Click here to read about our paper sourcing guidelines.