Xerox Trade Association Memberships

Trade association memberships with dues exceeding $25,000 in 2008:

  • The Business Roundtable
  • Information Technology Association of America
  • National Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc.
  • Business-Higher Education Forum
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • AeA
  • Business Council of New York

Xerox Contributions to 527s and 501c(4)s in 2007

  • Xerox made no contributions to 527 organizations.
  • U.S. Climate Action Partnership ($50,000) is the only 501c(4) contribution.

Xerox is a Clear Leader When It Comes to Transparency

Our corporate governance practices have received the highest possible score of 10.0 from Governance Metrics International (GMI), a corporate governance monitor for shareholders.

GMI rates public companies on their corporate governance practices each year. They highlight companies that have strong “governance policies and disclosure levels that often go unrecognized.” Our rating is based on items such as our public information, the make-up of our board of directors and its committees, our governance policies and procedures, executive compensation, and our position on environmental sustainability. The shareholder watchdog reported on 4,200 companies; of those, only 42 received an overall global rating of 10.0.