Xerox's Policies for Corporate and PAC Political Contributions

XPAC Participation at Xerox

Complex issues and multitude of voices competing for attention constantly confront elected officials.  By providing support for the electoral campaigns of quality men and women, the XPAC is able to help the company build positive relationships that ensure our views are represented fairly as public policy is developed and implemented.

It is illegal for Xerox Corporation to use corporate funds to make contributions to candidates for federal political office or to national political committees, such as the Democratic and Republican National Committees.  However, federal law entitles us to establish a political action committee, such as the XPAC, to make these contributions.

The XPAC is supported entirely by voluntary contributions from employees, and all contributions go directly to candidate campaigns for political office;

The goals of the XPAC include the following:

  • Educate employees about the importance of becoming more involved in the political process at both the federal and state levels;
  • Develop strong relationships with Members of Congress and state legislators who have a key role in public policy decisions that affect our company, our industry, and our communities;
  • Increase the visibility of Xerox Corporation in Washington, D.C., as well as among state capitols in states where we have a presence.