Xerox Political Action Committee

The Xerox Political Action Committee (XPAC) is supported entirely by voluntary contributions from employees, with all contributions allocated directly to candidate campaigns for U.S. federal office. In most cases, XPAC supports candidates who represent districts where Xerox has a strong presence and/or candidates who play an influential role on Congressional committees whose actions could affect the management of Xerox and/or our business. A Board of Directors leads the XPAC with representatives from each major business unit who determine which candidates and political committees receive contributions. To learn more about how the XPAC operates, visit

How Does the XPAC Decide Which Candidates to Support?

The XPAC Board uses a defined set of criteria in selecting candidates to receive contributions from the XPAC. These criteria include the following:

  1. The candidate's position on crucial policy issues;
  2. The candidate's overall support for our company and industry;
  3. The candidate's overall support for the free enterprise system and U.S. competitiveness;
  4. A demonstrated willingness on the part of the candidate to work with our company and industry to achieve responsible public policy solutions.

As part of campaign finance reform, Congress created PACs in the 1970s. They are the most transparent and closely regulated method of making contributions to electoral campaigns. In accordance with the PAC's updated Articles of Organization, XPAC distributed $31,000 in political contributions to 15 candidates during the 2008 election cycle. All XPAC filings with the Federal Election Commission are current.

Candidates Who Received Xerox Political Action Committee Contributions.
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