Market Opportunity

The document industry is transitioning to digital systems, color, and an increased reliance on electronic documents. More and more, businesses are creating and storing documents digitally and using the Internet to exchange electronic documents. We believe these trends play to the strengths of our product and service offerings and represent opportunities for future growth in the $125 billion market we serve.

Services: $24 Billion

Our value-added services deliver solutions that streamline, simplify and digitize document-intensive business processes.

Eligible Offset: $17 Billion

We are creating new market opportunities with digital printing as a complement to traditional offset printing.

Production: $8 Billion

We are the only manufacturer that offers a complete family of monochrome and color production systems, business development tools and workflow solutions.

Office: $76 Billion

We are leading the transition to color and reaching new customers with the industry’s broadest portfolio and expanded distribution channels.