Xerox Revenue by Reporting Segment – 2007

In 2007, we reported our financial results through four segments: Production, Office, Developing Markets Operations (DMO) and Other. Financial information for operating segments is presented in our quarterly and annual reports available at

Xerox Revenue by Reporting Segment – 2007. Production - $4.8 billion High-end digital monochrome and color systems for large enterprises and for customers in the graphic communications industry. DMO - $2.2 billion Marketing, direct sales, distributors and service operations for Xerox products, supplies and services in Latin America, the Middle East, India, Eurasia, Central-Eastern Europe and Africa. Office - $8.3 billion Serves global, national and small to medium-size commercial customers as well as government, education and customers in other public sectors. Other - $2 billion Includes revenue from paper sales, value-added services, wide-format systems and Global Imaging Systems network integration solutions and electronic presentation systems.