The Customer Experience

Creating a great customer experience is more than just words; it’s how we run our business. To understand how each customer account defines its own version of a “great experience,” we engage measurable processes to listen and respond to the voice of the customer.

Transactional Surveys

To monitor our performance, we assess key points in time during our customers’ relationship with Xerox – such as ease of purchase, the installation of a product and responsiveness from technical service representatives. Customer surveys that are rated “not satisfactory” are assigned to a person responsible for resolving the problem through a closed-loop process. In 2008, we are implementing two additional surveys to determine customers’ satisfaction with inquiry and problem resolution and invoicing that will result in positive actions to resolve any customer issues.

For the third year in a row, Xerox has been certified by the J.D. Power and Associates program for Certified Technology Service and Support, one of the customer service industry’s highest recognitions. Together, the trio of highly respected awards from 2006, 2007 and 2008 solidify Xerox as a leader in superior service and technical support for providing an outstanding customer experience. Recognition from J.D. Power and Associates is available only after certification from the Service and Support Professionals Association for Excellence in Service Operations, which Xerox received earlier this year. The data collection included a six-day on-site audit, evaluation of 3,000 pieces of evidence across 332 criteria and an in-depth satisfaction survey of 1,000 customers conducted both online and by phone.

Periodic or Relationship Surveys

The Customer Satisfaction Measurement Survey is an annual Webbased survey that helps to measure our customers’ overall level of satisfaction with their decision to select Xerox as a solutions provider.

Xerox’s Competitive Benchmark Survey measures customer satisfaction related to product quality, customer support, price/value, problem resolution, facilities management, on-site personnel, brand image, overall satisfaction, value and loyalty.

To better link customer feedback with business results, in 2008 we are moving from overall satisfaction to a new metric – Net Promoter Score – that indicates whether a customer is willing to recommend Xerox to a friend or colleague based on their total experience with Xerox across the value chain. Net Promoter Score is gaining wide acceptance as a strong indicator of business growth.

Focus 500 Program

Our Focus 500 program assigns the top 500 major customer accounts around the world to our top executives. Each executive is responsible for communicating with at least one of our customers, understanding their concerns and requirements, and making sure the appropriate Xerox resources are marshaled to fix problems, address issues and capture opportunities.

Customer Care Officer of the Day

The company’s 32 officers rotate responsibility to be Customer Care Officer of the Day. On the assigned day, the officer assumes personal responsibility for dealing with any and all customer concerns that come into headquarters that day. The Xerox “Officer of the Day” has three responsibilities: listening to customers, resolving their problems, and assuming responsibility for fixing the underlying causes.