Accessible Products

Xerox was the first in our industry to design products that are accessible and easy for every customer to operate. Our dedicated team of design professionals continues to focus on adapting products so that ease of use is never compromised. To make Xerox systems more accessible for people with disabilities, Xerox has developed dozens of accessories, such as angled consoles, Braille console labels and “start print” foot switches.

In 1998, when Congress amended Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Xerox again stepped forward with solutions to adapt our technology for accessible use by government workers who are disabled. We established a rigorous process to evaluate our products’ compliance with Section 508. The results can be read online at under “About Xerox.” Click on “Product Accessibility: Section 508.” Click here to take you to the results.

Drowning in Information? Xerox Can Help

Building on decades of helping companies and people more easily and quickly share information, Xerox has signed on as a founding corporate member of the Information Overload Research Group, which is dedicated to boosting workplace productivity by fighting information overload.

Xerox joins Microsoft, Intel, IBM and other high-tech leaders who are committed to developing solutions to sort and categorize the flood of electronic information that gushes every day from cell phones, e-mail, instant messages and billions of printed pages worldwide. According to Basex, a knowledge economy research firm, unnecessary interruptions and the time required to return to a task cost the U.S. economy $650 billion per year. This represents 28% of the knowledge worker’s day alongside productive content creation (25%), searching (15%), meetings (20%), and thought and reflection (a mere 12%).

Our role at Xerox has always been to make it easier to get work done. Today that means helping to clear the path between paper and digital content, cutting through the clutter with color and personalization and making our document technologies and methodologies do more for less money and in less time. To find out more, visit