Product Security

We’re committed to helping customers maintain a secure network environment, particularly as it relates to the use of multifunction products (MFPs) – those that print, copy, fax and scan. Since all MFPs, regardless of vendor, contain hard drives and software, they require security precautions associated with other network peripherals. We introduced the industry’s first office MFP in 1995 and continue to be a leader in the development of security features for these systems.

We have earned the internationally recognized ISO 15408 Common Criteria certification for more than 40 of our office MFPs. This gives Xerox one of the industry’s broadest arrays of printers and copiers certified to meet our customers’ strictest security requirements. Our policy and practice is to have an entire multifunction system evaluated– not just individual features or a security kit.

Although we test extensively for security vulnerabilities in our software before we bring a product to market, we recognize that someone with intent and the requisite knowledge can, at times, find a way around security protections. We encourage people to notify us of any network security concerns, and we move immediately to provide a solution. We develop software patches for vulnerabilities and post them at, or a customer can have a Xerox authorized service representative install the patch.


Anti-counterfeiting Efforts

Every year, the global imaging industry endures the loss of millions of dollars in counterfeit or stolen supplies. We continually remind our customers that counterfeit supplies can result in poor equipment performance, low supply yields, inferior print quality, toner leakage, increased failure rates and equipment downtime – all of which can cost time and money.

Xerox is leading the charge against counterfeiting and other blackmarket activities. To combat acts of piracy and fraud, our security team routinely works with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, attorney generals’ offices, the Postal Inspector’s office and other global law enforcement agencies. In addition, we are a member of the Imaging Supplies Coalition (ISC), a trade association of imaging companies that band together to heighten customer awareness of the issue. Wholesalers, dealers and consumers may submit questionable goods to the ISC for authentication by the manufacturer. For more information, visit

The increasingly improved quality of digital color printing technology has created heightened concerns of currency counterfeiting. That’s why Xerox, along with other imaging companies, consults with the U.S. Secret Service and the Central Bank Counterfeit Deterrence Group, a consortium of banks from 29 countries, to assess threats to currency and to promote and support the use of anti-counterfeiting technologies. To provide protection against specific criminal behavior, technology to detect counterfeiting is being standardized.